Working… sort of.

Hello friends far and near…

Seven weeks and counting I’ve been here in Ireland. Longer still that I’ve been looking for work, to no avail.

No matter what research we did, it seemed Frank and I always came up with very vague answers to the employment/work permit/visa questions. So we just kept looking and asking and hoping.

It’s been frustrating, to be honest, because I’ve applied for what seems like a thousand jobs without even a single interview. I wrote great cover letters, followed up with emails and calls, did everything but send a resume’ cake!!! (which has been done, seriously, look it up online!) But it only resulted in nothing.

I was told I could find illegal work, but from the start I really wanted to do things right over here. That didn’t even make my list of options. But then, over the last few weeks, I started to get more desperate! My travel visa was only 90 days long and the average time to process a work permit, should I even get offered a job, is 5 weeks!!!

So we went to the Garda Station – or the Police Station, as we would know it – and spoke with their Immigration Officer. And guess what he told me?? He, like everyone else, said I would probably never get a work permit because they’re so difficult to land, unless you’re into computers or accounting or something. But he sort of shrugged and told me to go ahead and work. Then he stamped my passport through to December, to cover me until I get married in the fall!!!

Isn’t that the craziest thing you ever heard? Frank and I both looked at him blankly and asked several times, “does this mean I/she can work?” And every time he’d sort of dodge the question and tell me, “ah, you’ll be grand.”


So this week I started “work experience” with one of the local papers. That means I put in a couple weeks of full time labor, pretty much as a volunteer, and then we sit back and see if we like each other. If we do, then we proceed with an interview and application process and go from there.

All very strange… but at least I’m getting somewhere! Thought you’d like to know.

In the meantime, I’m still enjoying time spent by the sea, in the hills, in the shops and bakeries, or sitting by the little coal fireplace with Frank and our puppy, Georgie.

How are you?


5 thoughts on “Working… sort of.

  1. can i just tell you how happy i am for you…despite all the work business?!  what an amazing adventure you are on and sounds like you have just the right man to walk beside you through it all.  do not worry about the job thing…it will work out.  and if the officials don’t care, then just do what you gotta do, i guess!  🙂
    life in Indiana is snowy and cold and we are all bursting for spring.  think about us, koop girl.  we miss you!!

  2. Hey, why don’t you start a Starbucks over there?!  Or if they already have one, you know you loved working there!  Right?!!  Is that enough exclaimation points??!!!

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