First off, let me dedicate this post to my wonderful sister, Bonnie, who sent me a care package that included Trader Joe’s coffee beans and a bag of chocolate chips. Thanks to her, I can write to you while sipping a gorgeous cup of coffee and eating my first successful chocolate chip cookie made in Ireland. <insert sigh of contentment>  

It’s been a busy last few days, thus the lack of posting! The job search has heated up a degree or two, so that’s what has kept me on my toes lately. But more on that later. 

 Today we are going to a Boot Sale! I’m so excited!

 The Boot Sale is the equivalent of an American yard sale/garage sale/flea market. Not that many people over here have garages or yards to speak of, so they all get together in a parking lot or recreation hall, open up the trunks or “boots” of their cars, and sell their unwanted possessions. I think it’s still more of a British thing because I’ve been watching them on TV for the last few weeks and wanting to join in the fun. Then I saw a notice in the paper and last night we decided, along with our friends John and Wendy, to go to one today! John and Wendy  have an incredible van they’ve turned into a mini camper for their surfing excursions, so we’ll pack up our junk, unload it at the place, and then sit back and drink tea all afternoon! Sounds like fun, eh? I don’t have anything to contribute, I’m sorry to say – I “booted” most of my stuff back in November in Indiana. But Frank has gathered some old comics and collectibles and John and Wendy just cleaned out their kitchen and sitting room, so we’ll have a few things to try and sell. Should be fun! Seriously, if I was back in the States, I think I would get together with my friends and do a Boot Sale for charity or something. Just the novelty of it might bring in a nice profit! 

In other news, I may not be able to see the Oscars tonight. 😦 Yes friends – though the Super Bowl showed live on regular TV here, the Academy Awards do not. Plus they start around Midnight for us, and I have to be up and out by 9 a.m. tomorrow. However… it’s tempting to take sleeping bags and popcorn to Frank’s parents’ house tonight and watch it on their cable there? They show a taped, edited version on Monday, but for once I’d like to see the whole show because I don’t want to miss my friend Jon McLaughlin, who will be performing “So Close” from Enchanted. So even if I can’t tune in, you should! 

 OK, gotta go, the booty is waiting! Have a great Sunday.   


3 thoughts on “Booty

  1. Hello Maryann!

    My name is Sara and I’m a senior at AU, just got married this past summer, and go to the Mercy House. Lindsay Conner just sent me your site so I could check it out. And I can’t tell you have much it meant to me to sit here and read your beautiful words. My husband and I are moving to Ireland in the fall!!

    So…my question is…can we be friends?? 🙂 I would love to get to know you, hear more about your story, and get all the knowledge and words of advice that I can. For I’m a little inexperienced in this whole moving to Ireland thing.

    Totally take to your time, I know getting settled takes some time, but I’d love to email with ya. Mine is I hope your day is delightful and I hope to hear from ya 🙂

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