A Monastery and a few days of “work”

Well, lunch is made for tomorrow, so I’ve got a few spare moments before I head off to bed. What’s for lunch, you ask? A simple sandwich, but made on brown bread that I baked myself tonight along with lettuce, tomato, and rashers. An Irish BLT! It should serve me better than the curry chips I bought today… which, after getting them back to the office and enduring the heckling of my co-workers, turned out to have not one, but TWO curly black hairs in the sauce!! Yech! I’m not having luck with fried food here – I guess I should take it as a sign. Or maybe I should just splurge after a night at the pub, or “on the beer” as they’d say here…

As for the “work,” it’s actually just a couple weeks of  “work experience,” or basically a two-week internship. I’m doing it for a local weekly paper, the Drogheda Leader. The new issue comes out tomorrow and there should be a good number of stories with my name on them… but (perhaps luckily for you) there is not an online version at this time! Ha! Anyway, good experience if nothing else! And interesting to see how a small-town Irish newspaper is run… very different from anything I’m used to. 

 As you’ll notice, the remainder of this post will be pictures… more of Georgie, to accommodate the flood of requests (seriously, I can’t walk down the street with that animal without being stopped a dozen times so she can be petted. “Oooh, he’s gorgeous, what’s his name? What age is he?” they always ask… to which I reply, “SHE is 10 weeks old and HER name is Georgie.”). Also, there are pictures from our little day trip on Sunday… sadly, the Boot Sale was a bust. It must still be more of an England thing because we showed up to four tacky little tables in a large gymnasium. We didn’t even unload our van ‘o’ stuff. Instead, we went to Monasterboice Monastery nearby and had tea and sandwiches by the road. Then we spent some time on the seashore, gathering glass. A fun and busy day with John and Wendy, though not what we’d initially expected! Enjoy.

 The girls lazing around the house 

Just us girls, caught lazing around the house…  

Georgie in my bag 

Georgie likes to be carried in my bag when I run errands to the Saturday market or to Anthony and Junes’ house… it’s fun while it lasts! 

Monasterboice Monastery 

A view of the famous round tower and celtic cross at Monasterboice. Georgie exploring Monasterboice

Georgie did her own exploring of Monasterboice.

Our friend, John Lawlor.

Our friend, John Lawlor…. van driver, surfer, cyclist, snowboarder, filmmaker, rock-skipper and amateur chef extraordinaire. (Sorry no pictures of Wendy this time! Soon!)


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