Dead Ends and New Beginnings

Hello Dear Ones, how goes life in America?

Things are good here – the sun is shining and the grass is emerald. A tree across the parking lot is blooming fluffy pink blossoms and I can hear the neighbors starting up their lawn mowers. It’s a lovely spring day in Ireland.

Things are still moving along here, though not always as I would have liked. Still no job, just lots of dead ends. However, I have had some interest from a profile I posted on a nanny site, so that would be cool. The pay is low and I’d probably have to live in another part of the country, but as my options are dwindling, that may be the remedy for now.

In the meantime, I’ve been helping Frank’s brother’s girlfriend (I know, I know) with her Events business. I did two kids events last weekend, and while it was a lot of energy, it was good fun. I did have to dress up in clownish gear one day, though… and I don’t like clowns… but it didn’t kill me. Just call me Queenie Flutterby.

Frank is busy painting during the day and writing scripts at night… might have some new prospects on the horizon, so that is good. The both of us are preparing for a trip home to Meet the Folks on April 8 – 16. It will be nice to have a little holiday in the States, show him around Bozeman, and have the family get to know him. We’re hoping Bonnie and the kids will be well enough for the trip, but if not, we’ll see them another time. I asked Frank what he wanted to see and he said, “Wide open spaces.” I think we can provide that, eh?

The dog is driving me nuts this morning, though I love her fuzzy face to bits! She’s started the barking thing and always wants to play when I haven’t even had my first cup of tea. Maybe it’s because she’s trying to rob the tea – she loves tea!!! And raw carrots, parsnips, celery… whatever falls on the floor! She’s gotten better about housetraining, until this morning that is, when she crapped in four different places around the house. Ugh!!! Sometimes I think I’d prefer a baby. But I guess I couldn’t close the baby in the kitchen or tie her outside when I want a break!!! Haha.

I’ve been trying to start a garden here, which has come to a bit of a halt for lack of funds. The ground in the yard here needs some TLC with new compost, fertilizer, etc. and I just can’t justify buying a lot of that stuff now. But anyway, we have a couple new rose bushes, bulbs to come up during the summer and herbs growing in the window. I thought my parsley was a bust yesterday, but this morning I saw a few little sprouts poking up!!! Joy!!!

So that’s how it goes here. I’ve been catching up on some other xangas this morning and it is always great to hear how everyone is doing. I’ll leave you now with one of my favorite Declan O’Rourke songs… (if you’re planning a trip to Ireland, be sure to look up this Dublin guy’s music!)

“He stepped outside his door and listened to the air
The rain was falling all around and he knew that she was near
She traveled many miles to see him, with everything to gain
He had nothing left to lose, just his loneliness and pain.”

– No Place to Hide, by Declan O’Rourke


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