Post Easter Week

We had a really nice Easter this past weekend. I managed to bring some of my American traditions into the mix and Frank and I had good fun.  

our first Easter eggs 

Easter seems to be more of a religious holiday here, with typical church services and chocolate eggs given out to friends and family. In America, it’s less religious and includes more activity. Growing up and even in college, I received an Easter basket at home and usually one from Grandma, plus a night of dyeing hard-boiled eggs, cards in the mail from uncles etc., an Easter service at church, and of course a big day of hunting eggs, both real and plastic. The plastic ones held candies! When we were younger, we’d have a meal at my Grandma’s house, and when we got a little older, we would usually all go out for a Sunday brunch somewhere. One of my favorite Easters at home was the one where my sisters and I received Easter bonnets and matching purses! Easter was always a full weekend at the Koopman house, and my second favorite holiday next to Christmas. I carried the traditions of home with me to school, college and even the workplace – hiding plastic eggs with candy around the office, much to the bewilderment of my co-workers.  

Here, we had a four-day weekend. Our friends didn’t really have plans, except to do vacation type things and maybe have a meal with family. I was excited that my family and friends came through to remind me of home and sent egg dyes, an Easter basket, plastic eggs, and some of my favorite Easter staples from America – Peeps, Starburst Jelly Beans and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Mmm. 

Me showing him how it’s done  

Even though there were no white eggs to be found in all of Drogheda, the brown ones worked just fine for dyeing. The colors turned out deeper and more “organic” looking, as you’ll see from the pictures. I think Frank enjoyed it, though he got a little bored… but he was anything but bored the next morning when there were plastic eggs with candy (and some with puppy treats) hidden around the house!!! It was so much fun watching him or hearing him call out that he’d found more… hehehe… and we’ve been enjoying the candies ever since. There are still four more eggs (that I know of) that he hasn’t found yet.  

I’m not sure what the Catholic services were like as I attended Drogheda Presbyterian again. It was a fairly normal service, with a guest minister who delivered a classic Resurrection sermon, but with more of us dressed up in honor of the day. I shared an egg with my friend from Lithuania, and she seemed pleased.  

We had a really lovely dinner at Frank’s parent’s house that evening – June made ham and turkey, plus roasted veggies, potatoes, cauliflower and stuffing. There was cheesecake with fruit and ice cream for dessert and I don’t think anyone passed it up! It was a nice gathering – Frank, me, June and Anthony (his parents), Noel and Kelly (his brother and girlfriend), Lorraine (his sister), and the two doggies, Georgie and Hobbes. We had a great time conversing, sharing the craic, and just relaxing over great food. Though Kelly wasn’t feeling tops, she brought out a load of balloons and created some amazing balloon toys for us all. The hat she made for Anthony was my favorite! 


Last but not least, Kelly has an events business that I helped out with on Saturday and Monday, doing Easter parties for kids. We played games, painted faces, colored pictures of bunnies and went on a big hunt for eggs outside. I was given the name “Queenie Flutterby” for the day and, though I never saw myself as a clown, it was a great way to help out Kelly and some parents and we all had fun. Still a few confusing translations… like asking a child what she wants painted on her face and she says, “I don’t mind!” I had to learn that she meant “I don’t care!” Or when a little boy said his marker was “wasted,” he meant it was out of ink. Just little things that take me a few extra seconds to put through the aul brain!


Hope you all had a nice Easter, too, wherever you were.  


4 thoughts on “Post Easter Week

  1. Okay, this picture is hilarious!! And I’m so glad you made Frank hunt for his candy eggs… way to put the fun into it! I think you had more of an “easter-y” Easter than I had here in the States. For some reason, it just didn’t even seem like Easter. I did go out and buy myself an Easter Monday basket with all of the clearance candies from my beloved Target.

    We went to bingo in Muncie, actually, because we just happened to be there already.

  2. The last pic looks like you achieved your childhood dream of being “Fluffy Pink”! Glad you had a good weekend and made it fun.

  3. Ahh, so that’s what Queenie looks like. I like. You will never want for stories when you finally sit down to write your book. It’s all good stuff. Meanwhile, I have no stories. Really. I don’t. But I’ll email you when I do.

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