I’m packing for a brief but welcome holiday back to my hometown of Bozeman, Montana. I opened up my suitcase and found an envelope with American cash in it and was immediately transported back to a completely different world and the only life I knew for my first 25+ years of existence. It was kind of like that moment in the old Christopher Reeves/Jane Seymour film, “Somewhere In Time,” for those of you who are nerdy enough like me to remember it. 🙂

This will be my first time back on American soil since moving here to Ireland on January 1, 2008. It will also be Frank’s first time meeting my parents, my grandmother, my two sisters, and my niece and nephew! Absent from the group is my little brother (stationed in Iraq with the Army), his girlfriend (who is from England!) and my brother-in-law (stationed in Afghanistan with the Air Force).

It’s been a much-awaited trip over a year in the planning, to say the least!

I met Frank on October 18, 2006. I was working for the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis and he was one of our award-winning filmmakers. By that Christmas, I was visiting him and his family in Ireland and by mid-2007, we were discussing the possibility of me relocating overseas to embark on this new life! We spent 9 months apart before he came back to the States to visit me in Indianapolis, this time as an attendee of the Film Festival. On that visit, Frank proposed and I accepted! Shortly thereafter, I said goodbye to my friends at Heartland, visited my parents and my sister for the holidays, and caught a plane to Dublin. That’s a very short, sweet, condensed version! But throughout that time, be it finances, schedules, or what have you, Frank never got to meet my family! It just wasn’t feasible, with him in Ireland, me in Indy, and my parents in Montana. (Not to mention one sister in Arizona, the other in China and my brother in Iraq!!!)

So here we are. Finally, FINALLY, going home. It’s an added bonus that both sisters can come as well and it’s my dad’s 59th birthday to boot! So please keep us in your thoughts as we’re making the 20 hr. journey tomorrow! Pictures to follow for sure.

Funny how life is never as you would have planned it – and yet it’s your story, so uniquely yours that you hesitate to upset its delicate balance by wondering the “what ifs.” So I won’t ask “what if my family had met Frank sooner?” Instead, I’m looking forward to the great time we’re all going to have when they meet him now.


2 thoughts on “Montana

  1. Hmm.Hope you’re feeling like it went well when you read this. Frank is great and we all like him a lot. Especially Sammy.

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