Mary Poppins Pooped Out.

Well Friends, I quit. After a particularly bad week and many long talks with Frank, I decided to hand in my notice on the nanny job.

It’s a long story, but lets just say she didn’t take the break up with grace. Words like “I should have hired a REAL nanny” were uttered, along with “you just don’t understand how to be a good mother” and “I really think it’s wrong of you to keep the money I paid you.” Oh yeah, and then she told me not to come back and that I wasn’t allowed to tell the kids goodbye.


So, I’m back to hanging around the house in my PJ’s, looking for freelance work or cash-in-hand jobs around town. Oh, and planning a wedding I have no money for! Haha! Today I found out that for a civil ceremony (a wedding anywhere outside a church), there is only one woman in the whole county you can book, and she has to perform the ceremony on a Monday – Friday before 3 p.m.!!! So… any plans of an evening weekend wedding are out. Hmm… dilemmas, dilemmas!

But today I’m going to bake a birthday cake. My uncle sent me $20 for my birthday, so I’m going to the bank to exchange it to euros and then I’m going to get ingredients for a killer cake. Tomorrow evening some friends will come by for the sweets, and then we’ll be off to a pub for the night! Should be entertaining. I will try to post some pics. It will be fun to get dolled up, anyway.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Caroline today! The big 2-9.


4 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Pooped Out.

  1. I’m going to be bold and brash:  Real nanny?  Good mother?  A good mother — who can afford a nanny — would hire a housekeeper instead.  (Oooh, I feel so mean.)

  2. Hey there!  I found your blog….ummmm…..can’t think of how I found you but girlfriend I am glad I did and good for you on quiting your nannying job!  Sounds like the pits to me and I have 3 kids, 2 and under!  Bless your sweet soul!  And I agree, what does go in a killer cake?

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