I don’t mind the rain…

… we’ve been enjoying amazing, warm, sunny weather for the last few weeks, so I won’t complain about the rain. In fact, our garden needed a good drenching. But I DO mind the Snail Family Reunion that goes on across our lawn and sidewalks, heading for a culmination on the rose bushes. I’ve never been much of a squeamish one, so I gathered up as many as I could find and humanely dumped them over the fence to the empty lot next door. We never had snails like that in Montana… actually, I don’t think we ever had snails at all!

But like I said, it’s been brilliant weather lately. The other night, Frank got home from painting and we went out for a picnic with Georgie – salami, camembert, bleu cheese, bread rolls, pears, a bottle of Chardonnay, and a bunch of fresh brownies. Mmm! We walked to the riverside, spread out a blanket, and enjoyed the view. Later, Frank and Georgie played a made-up version of baseball with a walking stick and a flat tennis ball. 

The yellow flowers behind them is a plant called Rapeseed, and I think it’s the culprit of my recent allergies. However, I can’t complain too much because a few sneezes in Ireland is nothing compared to my maddening itchy, drippy, stuffy, watery everything I used to suffer in Indiana. 

In other news, I’ve started a book club. I missed the one I used to be part of in Indy, so I posted a notice at the library. We had our first meeting on Sunday to get to know each other. For now, it’s just three of us, maybe four… and we’re still thinking on our book choices. One of the ladies is a professor of literature at Trinity College in Dublin! So I guess I better be on my best behavior! Our first title is “On Chesil Beach,” by Ian McEwan. Hopefully it’s a winner – I think it’s a good one to start with, because it’s not too long and daunting. 

Hope you’re all enjoying summer, wherever you are! I still keep up with the American news when I can… Obama winning the primary… Ed Carpenter placing 5th in the Indy 500… Harvey Korman passing away… none of it is too far away from my notice. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I don’t mind the rain…

  1. Disgusting snails !!! Putting them in a soup bowl is beyond Bleccchhh. Then you launch into a discussion of picnic food — where did your mother go wrong?

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