Top of the mornin’ to ye… or not!

After living here in Ireland for just over five months, I have been carefully developing my repertoire of characteristic Irish sayings. They’re not what I may have thought a few years ago, i.e. the stereotypical sing-songy quaint little phrases, but they’re catchy and fun just the same. Here are some of my favorites – feel free to use them when you come to visit. 

“Ah, now that’s very dear.” – Translation: That’s very expensive.

“Now, stop being bold!” – Translation: Don’t be naughty!

“What are you giving out about?” – Translation: What are you complaining about?

“He’s just taking the piss.” – Translation: He’s just teasing.

“She’s grand, thanks.” – Translation: She’s fine, thanks. (notice, not great, just fine.)

“What are you having for tea?” – Translation: What are you having for dinner/supper?

“Cheers.” – Translation: Thanks.

“I’d say he’s as happy as a pig in sh*t!” – Translation: He’s really happy. 🙂

“That dog must be part Alsatian!” – Translation: That dog must be part German Shepherd!

Likewise, I’ve learned words never to use in conversation, unless you want to be branded an American tourist or a dirty talker! For instance, never ask for a “ride,” instead as for a “lift.” Also don’t use the word “fanny.” But above all, don’t ever let on if you voted for George Bush!

*   *   *   *   *

I’m also back to being busy, helping out in a local hostel and a wine shop.  The hostel is fun – run by an Australian guy and his Latvian wife. I’ve been there almost every day since last Thursday, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes and waiting tables. I definitely work hard, but everyone is so laid back and jovial, it makes for a good time. As for the wine shop, it’s all old world wines, so only products from France, Germany, Spain and Italy are stocked, and they’re all from small, independent growers as well. I’m learning a lot in both places, AND watching plenty of British and Irish cooking shows in my spare time! Maybe I’ll earn that culinary degree yet, but through nontraditional means! 

Food and wine recommendations for the week:

  • Spicy ginger beef stir fry with whole wheat noodles, cauliflower, celery, peppers and garlic
  • Almara, Finca Linte, 2005 – from Bodegas Macaya (Spain)
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    4 thoughts on “Top of the mornin’ to ye… or not!

    1. You forgot “What time do you want knocked up?” – What time do you want to be awakened?

      My poor dear mom did a double take when she was asked that question!!

      Hope all is grand.

      It is a grand day for the Strawberry Festival in Indy!!

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