It Goes Both Ways.

Wow. Just when I think it can’t rain any harder, it does. I’m looking out the window on this June afternoon, watching the rain pour in thick streams down the roofs, walls, streets and footpaths. 

While Frank and his brother are taking trips to recycling center, I’m making corn chowder and catching up on some online work. And what a day for it! Although, I was hoping to make it out to the shops for a few more ingredients… and I think I may skimp and just go with what I have. 

It’s good to have the rain, though. I was tiring of hauling full watering cans out to the front lawn, the rose bushes, potted flowers and my vegetable patch. I’d say this will save me the hassle for a while! After many disastrous attempts, I am glad to report that there are carrots, spring onions, lettuce and potatoes growing in my small patch of dirt. When it stops raining sometime I will take pictures! I’m afraid none of them are sprouting from their designated rows, so my hopes of making a mini-Tinsley House garden are laughable, but at least there are edibles there! Next year I’ll have it better planned. And there’s a frame with chicken wire and plastic covering the baby plants from the omnivorous cats and dogs that tramp through the garden.  

I have a week off from work at present, so we’ve been doing wedding planning and have spruced up the house some. Frank and I finally had our appointment with the Registrar of County Louth, so we’ve done all the paperwork to be married! Now we just have to wait until this fall when it can be legally completed. The appointment was in a noisy little room, conducted between ourselves and a woman behind plexiglass as a woman next to her conducted similar interviews with other couples. About half way through the meeting, our woman reached around the glass to pull a spider out of my hair!!! Then she laughed and told me it was a good luck spider and that I ought to buy a lottery ticket! Ah yes. I’m still learning the local superstitions, and enjoying them. 

It’s funny though, because I’ve noticed a lot over the last months that non-USA nationals have a lot to learn about America as well. The things they say and think and assume about us are incredible sometimes! Even if they’ve been to visit! It just goes to show,  you can’t judge a country or a people by your knowledge of one city or one person or one TV show!  Here are a few at which I just shook my head.

“In America they don’t really have any good biscuits, you know? I mean, I guess they have Oreos, but not really any other good cookies.” 

“I hate America. The people are so rude! I went once to visit my sister about 15 years ago and they were so mean to me at customs I’ll never go back.”

“Australia is so much like America that I don’t really need to visit the United States. People from Australia aren’t really interested in going to America.”

“There isn’t any good mass transport in America.”

All that and much more, usually including some comments about how Americans are all fat, stupid, religious nut-jobs who love the word “freedom” just a little too much. (Of course, that last bit might be true, but in a good way! :))

So there you have it. Sometimes funny, sometimes offensive… but quickly soothed when I hear similar ignorant comments about the British, French, Italians, Chinese, Indian, Lithuanian, Kenyan… the list goes on and on. But really, aren’t we all just people, to begin with? 

I hope I always keep my mind as open as my eyes when I visit or live in different places. 


One thought on “It Goes Both Ways.

  1. Congrats on almost being hitched!!! Sitting in the airport in Dallas after a board meeting in Fort Worth. It stormed very hard on Thursday morning and was than an alarm clock. It arrived when we were all to wake up.

    I can remember back in 1979 being called “bloody American scum of the earth” by the punk rockers in London. I think we really pissed them off as we just shrugged our shoulders and walked on.


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