Well, I’ve been in Ireland nearly 7 months now, and today was our first barbecue! It’s been another wet summer, much to everyone’s dismay, and today looked like just another heavy, humid, soggy day. However, after I left work, the sun was breaking through the clouds and I urged Frank to help me quickly buy a disposable BBQ, burgers, buns, corn on the cob (at a staggering €1.79 for two ears) and the lot. After dinner, I broke into a bag of campfire marshmallows my mom sent us a while back, and we roasted them and put them on McVitie’s chocolate digestives for our own version of S’mores!!! Yumm! It felt so good to have some summer fun.

I must add, the view from this particular Irish backyard is much improved since I moved here.

Frank has confessed that neither he nor his brother mowed the lawn all of last year, so it has taken some TLC to get it back to looking good! (Imagine, the only brown lawn on the Emerald Isle!!) It still needs some work, i.e. weed killer, etc., but the yard is back to being a nice place to relax. In addition to my own little veg garden and flower pots, Frank has been working hard cutting back some overgrown trees and building a little set of brick steps to an open space underneath the branches. We found a bright orange hammock on sale this week, so we just hung it up and tried it tonight after our dinner! I’ve always wanted a hammock… and now we’ve got one. 

(The lawn is not the only thing that is growing!!! Look at Georgie!!! Meanwhile, I try to repair my garden covering as best I can… grrr…)

I guess we’ll be taking turns. 🙂

Earlier this week I had my first day off in several weeks, so I brought Frank back with me to Howth.  This time we hiked the entire peninsula (to burn off our fresh fish ‘n’ chips) and made it to the pub at the summit of the mountain!!! (Leave it to the Irish, ha ha ha…) I really can’t even describe the beauty of hiking a green mountain with cliffs dropping off hundreds of feet into the rocky sea. It left me speechless. 

Here I am, caught while putting heather flowers in my hair. 

A million euro house with a priceless view! Below you can see the Dublin mountains off in the distance. 

Meanwhile, the days are already getting shorter and I know autumn will be here before I know it. It seems like I’m working all the time, but when I do have spare moments, I am trying out cake recipes and getting out into the countryside and small towns for amazing afternoons like these.  

These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive 
These are the moments I’ll remember all my life 
I’ve got all I’ve waited for 
And I could not ask for more

                                    – Edwin McCain

3 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Bonnie

    Cool. Cool that maybe you can get Frank to see things about his home he wouldn’t have before?

    That dog is enormous. I am envious of your garden.

  2. Pat

    I so enjoy your pictures and comments. If it makes you feel any better, we’ve had an extremely wet summer here too..still needing to mow twice a week! And that would be me doing it….my hubbie Steve had major back surgery the first week of June. He’s getting along extremely well, back to working fulltime, etc, but that doesn’t include chores like mowing at the moment:) Oh well, I have a pretty good tan out of the deal:) Take care, we will miss you this fall when our study of Daniel resumes…how is your ladies’ group doing?

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