Cold Coffee, Warm Beer

People who know me best know that I like to… take my time.

I guess I inherited a certain blind sense of meandering from my father, and his father before him. I like to stop and smell the roses.  I like to hear the entirety of a song before I turn off the stereo. I often find myself running late to wherever I need to be, charging out the door with my makeup in my purse and my jacket unbuttoned. I like to carry on a conversation when I eat or read a book while I sip my afternoon tea. It goes without saying, then, that I usually find myself drinking a cup of cold coffee at work or picking up a glass of warm beer at the pub.

This understandably drives some people nuts.

Yet, it’s equally strange and exasperating to me that I can’t slow the tick of time. I can’t stop my nephew and niece from growing up, I can’t make a great bottle of wine never be empty, I can’t extend a sunset, I can’t will hearts to beat that have reached their day to stop. Frank tends to live in the moment, while I am always cursing that I don’t have more time. That must be why we’re good for each other.

So here we are, less than three months from our wedding. There is so much to do, but still we must work and sleep and fill our time with all the not-so-fun necessities of life. I know the day will arrive before I realize it and be over before I can slow it. That’s how these things go. Standing off with that reality reminds me that I should enjoy the planning as much as the event, and not worry too much if it’s not perfect. As all brides who have gone before me will attest, even when you think you’re wedding is going to be “simple,” it takes on a life of its own and will carry you off with the tide if you’re not careful!

My parents and sister have booked flights to be here, and my friend who will stand up with me is working on her travel arrangements. My little brother and his fiancee will be here, too – I have not seen him in over three years while he’s been back and forth from Iraq and I have never met her. The family has booked a lovely little cottage outside the town, and I’m getting excited to fill it with special groceries, go pick them up at the airport and bring them back to what has become “my” Ireland.  I’m likewise looking forward to finding out what other friends and family will be able to come from our small list of invitees and I can’t wait to see Bellingham Castle all dressed up for our day of celebration. I know – I KNOW – I can’t be late, can’t dawdle, can’t draw out this once-in-a-lifetime day. So I better enjoy the moments from now until then, each one in and of itself. But tell me, how on earth am I to begin?

Drat, my coffee has gone cold. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cold Coffee, Warm Beer

  1. So you’re saying it drives Frank crazy like it does some of the rest of us? *ahem* I will say that your patience is one of the things that makes you good with kids. Sammy has a hard time finishing a meal while it’s hot too 🙂

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