My life as a word problem.

Remember those ridiculous word problems in high school algebra? Well, unlike the expert advice that “oh, you’ll never use that knowledge,” it is apparent that I do indeed create my own word problems on a nearly daily basis here. In fact, with the wedding coming up, it’s getting even worse! 

If you like this sort of thing, here is recent example of what I mean:

Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Koopman are both looking to buy a bolt of tulle. 

Mrs. Kelly must drive 40 kilometers into Dublin to buy the tulle, and gas is €1.40/Liter. When she gets to Dublin, she finds a bolt of tulle that costs €6.99 per meter. 

Mrs. Koopman can drive down the road to Joann Fabrics in Bozeman, or even ride her bike and not pay for gas. The tulle she finds is $1.85/yard, but it will cost her $25.00 to ship it to her daughter in Ireland. 

€1 = $1.48
1 Meter = 1.09 yard
1 Gallon = 3.79 liters
1 Mile = 1.61 kilometer

Who can buy the bolt of tulle cheaper? 

It’s no wonder I’m like a tightly wound spring right now! These are the calculations I’m making mentally all the time! As Frank said, teasingly, earlier today – “Sometimes I just say one wrong word and it’s like -ping!- I just pulled the key out of a grenade!”

Ha ha ha. Poor Frank. Nevertheless, planning this wedding has been a fun experience for all of us (Frank, me, Mrs. Kelly, and Mrs. Koopman! Plus friends and other family…). Plus, my math should be forevermore improved, right? 


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