Last Dance With Maryann

“oh my my, oh hell yes, Honey put on that party dress…”

Hopefully some of you get the Tom Petty reference… 

Well friends, with only about six more weeks to go, I’m up to my grey hairs in wedding preparations! Now all the whispers around here are about the Stag Party and the Hen Night (aka the Bachelorette Party or female equivalent to a Stag). Frank’s brother and friends are doing a superb job of planning an outing for him, probably a weekend of outdoor adventures in England’s Lake District sometime in mid-October. 

As for me, not sure what will come of it, as Hen Nights here usually revolve around getting a bunch of rather catty women together to wear pink feather boas and the like and go out to get rip-roaring drunk. (Basically the same as an American one, but without dinner or funny gifts!) Um, not exactly my idea of a great time, but we’ll see! I actually have a couple different small circles of friends here who would like to go out – one is local Irish girls and the other is local non-Irish girls. I’m hoping to strike a balance somewhere in between and have a good time for all. I will keep you informed as much as my dignity allows. 🙂 I’m also hoping to have some kind of quiet girls night out when my family gets here, but that may be squeezing too much in? Hmm. 

But the real excitement here is that I have been given a dream come true – I am going “home” to Indiana for a real American Bachelorette party! As an early wedding gift, Frank surprised me with a ticket back to the States and made all the arrangements for me to stay with friends in Indianapolis. I can’t explain how happy I am to get to take a week to relax a little, do some shopping, and most importantly, see friends who probably won’t be able to make it out for the ceremony in November. I’ve worked straight through the summer, and a rainy one it was, so I can hardly wait for some Autumn sunshine in the Circle City! Plus, it’s really my last chance to go on a little solo adventure, something I used to enjoy so much when I lived in the Midwest. So batten down the hatches, ladies, I’m coming to town! 


In other Indiana news, Frank’s most recent short film, Bill, for Short, was chosen as an Official Selection at the Heartland Film Festival! This is especially significant because I used to work for Heartland and I met Frank exactly two years ago there when he won a Crystal Heart Award for his first short, Emily’s Song. If you’re in Indy in October, be sure to get out and see Shorts Program 2! (And I’m sure the other films are great as well… :))


Here are some pictures of the summer harvest from our Irish Back Yard – unfortunately not a lot to show for so much work, but at least they were tasty! By next year I should be a real pro.



4 thoughts on “Last Dance With Maryann

  1. Bonnie

    Aw, good for Frank! Hope you have a wonderful time. And tell him congrats on the film! I think I liked it even better than Emily’s Song.

    Gabe says he thought taters grew bigger than that in Ireland 🙂

  2. Pat King

    Have a great time here in the Hoosier state! I’d love to chat for 5 minutes (I know your schedule is going to be packed!) cell 514-9838
    Congrats to Frank on his film.

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