You Are Here.

Well, I made it back to Indianapolis, safe and sound. 

I flew into Chicago last night, rented a car, and drove leisurely south to Indy. It was a beautiful day, the dried golden corn stalks catching the afternoon sunshine, wide open blue skies dotted with clouds, and warm, humid air drifting in my window. I popped in my Elms’ “Nothing to Do With Love” CD and stopped at a roadside McDonald’s and my Good Ol’ Return-to-Your-Roots American joy was complete. 🙂 Silly the things you miss and how easily you can slip back into the comfort of them when you’re home. 

When I got to Claire and Regans’ house, it was just past dusk and I could hear crickets for the first time in nearly a year, along with an occasional long-winded cicada. So many memories float through my mind, from every noise to every smell, bringing back a thousand stories of my 8 years here. At the same time, though, I quickly felt like it’s not my city anymore. There are parts and people who are dear to my heart, but I know that things have changed. Time has moved on and I’m not working to develop new relationships, new comforts and new “favorites.” I don’t always like starting over, but it’s clear to me that I cannot live in the past either.  

So today I stopped in the old office and chatted for a long time, did some shopping, and walked around in the glorious warm sunshine. Tonight is our girl’s night out and we’re heading to a Tapas bar at 8:30 where good times shall ensue. 


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