Back Again

My trip back “home” to Indiana was a grand slam success. It was wonderful to see the friends and coworkers I could during my short time there, and it was equally invigorating just to be back in my most recent city (and nation!) of residence.

Around every corner is a memory, some bad, most good, and yet the city has continued on its path without me! (haha, surprise!) The most notable change is the completion of Lucas Oil Stadium, rising over the skyline like $700 million disproportionately large breast implants on the little lady of Indianapolis! I’m sure the rest of the town will grow as well, though, and the building is a magnificent triumph. I envy those who get to watch the roof retract as they settle back for a game! Even more, I envy those who will be there for the 2012 Superbowl!

(it’s so new, in fact, that there aren’t even any good online photos of the building with the rest of downtown Indy!)

In other sporting news, it was a real pleasure to watch some good ol’ American baseball while in the states as well. Even better, I got to see my family team, the Dodgers (always in our hearts as the Brooklyn Trolleydodgers), beat the trousers off the Cubs. Now, don’t get in a huff, Cubbie fans – you’re my second favorite. Just like it was hard to watch the Colts beat the Bears in the Superbowl… Anyway, good luck to the blue and white! It’s been so many years since I’ve had the luxury of keeping up with baseball… I hope they make it to the World Series.


So now I’m back in chilly, drizzly Ireland, and back at work. Let the wedding countdown begin! Just a month away.

You know, I read somewhere that Spring and Fall are the most romantic times of year, and I think I agree. For although we pine for vacations and good weather, there’s something exciting about those anticipated changes these seasons bring.

I love this time of year, no matter where I am! It was great to have Pumpkin Spice Lattes and visit the apple orchards and watch the colours begin to change around Indiana, but it is fun here, too. Even though it was a wet summer, it is noticably colder now, and I can smell the peat and coal fires again in neighborhood houses. There’s loads of Halloween stuff out in the shops, but they’ve also brought out loads of Christmas stuff in the week I was gone! Just passing through Marks and Spencers this morning, I saw the shelves packed with several different kinds of mince pies, Christmas puddings, holiday cakes and candies! It’s feeling festive already and I love it. Soon they’ll hang the street decorations here and in Dublin and all will be jolly. It might be a tighter financial year for many, but Christmas time just feels good.

I’m also looking forward to introducing the Kellys to a real American Thanksgiving!

I know, though, first I have to get through my own wedding! Heehee! But it’s good to have other things to look forward to, isn’t it? Life as we know it will not halt once Frank and I say our “I dos.” If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 26 years, it’s that no one knows how much time we have… and the time we are given always goes too fast anyway… so I must admit I feel a certain glow right now with all the things I have to be thankful for and all the things I have yet to experience.

I think the trip to Indianapolis did my heart some good. 🙂

Love, Maryann


One thought on “Back Again

  1. Jack is lost without you… Regan and I miss having you as our very special house guest too! Thanks again for treating Indiana to a special visit from Maryann.

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