Purple is really IN right now…

This is going to seem very petty… VERY… so forgive me.

But I am really annoyed that purple and red and the purple/red combo are so popular this year. Why? Because those are the colors I chose for my wedding… purple being my favorite color all of my life… and my choice of the combination because I thought it was dramatic and unique.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to follow the crowd. Sure, I care what people think of me, probably even more than I should, but at the same time, I hate to do anything popular. On a scale of consumer adoptions to a new trend, I am just a few steps behind “laggard.” I am old-fashioned, classic at best, and tacky at worst. But mostly I just want my life and the things that make up my life to stand out from the norm. I hate thinking that others think that I chose my wedding colors because it’s what Cosmo magazine said to do!

I know I should be chuffed that my impeccable taste has caught on this year. But I’m really just annoyed. I’m annoyed that people keep saying, “oh, purple and red? That’s very IN this year… how stylish of you!” or worse, “sorry, we don’t have any purple or red ___, that is this season’s biggest color scheme.” Argh! So wait, I’ve waited 26 years to use these colors and now they’re popular and hard to find!!??!! (At least for cake decorations…)

It won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and I know my wedding will still be unique and pretty, but I still dig my heels in and wish everyone else would go pick some other color… like seafoam green or blush pink or navy blue or some other respectable color I passed up for my lifetime favorites. Grr. 🙂


In other, less shallow news…

If you ever thought racism was trademarked as American property, think again. I was disappointed today to find that most of my co-workers are pretty darn racist.

We have a Chinese lady working at the hostel now. She is in her 40s, hard-working and pleasant, but definately “different.” Her style of getting things done, the direct questions she asks, the mistakes she makes – they all really make her stand out. And every time she turns the corner, there are whispers and comments from all the other women. Granted, she gets on my nerves a little as well, but I just chalked it up to cultural differences, norms,  personal habits and manners.

Some of the others claim she’s actually not a very good worker, that she is “dumb” when it comes to understanding how things should be done. This could certainly be true – I have been away for a week, after all, and have not seen her in action much. But this is not what bothers me the most. I’m talking about how they make fun of the way she walks, the clothes she wears, and how every time I come in, they ask, “Have you worked with the Chinese lady yet?” and roll their eyes.

These comments are primarily from the Irish employees, but the Latvians have their comments as well. It just seems so ignorant and sad to see them make any excuse to complain about this woman… all because of her race.  You know she has to know, too. She isn’t dumb, and their little barbs are surely loud enough at times to be heard and translated.  Makes me wonder what might be said about me while I’m in the bathroom? Probably complaints about how I talk too much to the customers and take too long arranging food to look pretty on the plates. 🙂

I guess we are all guilty of some level of racism… there is always some trivial nagging thought in the back of our heads when we have a bad experience with someone different than ourselves… but I hope occurences like this help me to keep mine in check.

Maybe you’re wondering what I’m doing to help the situation? Well, truthfully not as much as I could do. Ireland is a very anti-tattletale nation. But I am still doing my best not to listen to, contribute to or in any way feed the cruel gossip. And I’ve mentioned it to one superior… who gave me little sympathy. So I guess all I can do for sure right now is try to be nice to the woman under fire… and say my prayers for the rest.


7 thoughts on “Purple is really IN right now…

  1. i am wondering how the heck you are!!!  when is the big day?!  how is Ireland??  i’ve truly valued sharing in your journey up to this point…don’t disappoint me koopgirl!!  🙂

  2. I was just wondering what you were up to over there! I had no idea purple and red was in either. The only reference I have for purple and red is the Red Hat Society. BUT as bridesmaid dresses I think it would be FABULOUS. It’s your wedding, not petty.

  3. The racism doesn’t surprise me. A certain Irish friend of mine here was quite racist…and anti-semitic. Poor chinese lady.I know you hate it when you can’t buck the trends….but maybe you just started this one and didn’t know it!

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