Unforgivable Name-dropping

As many of you know, my life over the years has often thrown me in the path of celebrities. From having Presidential candidate Ron Paul over to dinner… to haggling over prices with Margot Kidder (Superman, anyone?) and Becky Fonda (Peter’s wife) at Sylvester’s Bargain Emporium… to counseling baseball great Bret Butler’s daughters at theater camp… to looking after the likes of Dakota Fanning, Jeff Daniels, Patricia Heaton, and Michael Apted at various Heartland Film Festivals… I’ve luckily been well-trained NOT to act star struck around famous figures. 

So when our local Drogheda girl, Evanna Lynch of Harry Potter fame, came into the Salthouse for lunch today, I was curious but well-behaved. The waiters seemed sort of in awe, but did not show it, at least not outside the kitchen!

Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood

More than anything, I just  find it interesting to see people from TV or film in person so I can spot the differences from their “character.” You know… they might be shorter or have acne scars or are really shy… and you never know what they’re like until you catch a glimpse of them in “real life.”  It’s always a little comforting to one’s ego as well, to see that so many beautiful movie stars are, while still beautiful,  just normal people… the fates just made them a little more recognizable to the average film-lover.

So what was she like? I don’t really know, to be honest – I was washing dishes. But from the little I observed, I’d say she’s just a normal teenager. She was relaxed with family and friends on a weekend afternoon, laughing and telling stories with each other as we all like to do.

I think we’re all pretty proud of our local star and look forward to seeing her in The Half-Blood Prince, coming out this Spring. 

Afterthought: Mom reminded me I once made coffee for Tony Dungy at Starbucks in Indianapolis… a Venti Mocha, I believe…


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