“And the Eggster Goes to…”

I am pouting because I just remembered the Oscars do not show live in Ireland or online, so I will have to wait until tomorrow night to watch the taped, edited version of the show. They show the US Superbowl live here but the world’s most watched awards program? Noooo….

So, in lieu of an Oscars post, which would have focused on my former expertise of film, I’ve decided to have my own awards show featuring my new area of expertise … chocolate Easter eggs!!! Welcome to the Eggsters, my friends. 

And the nominees are:

MILK-chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg”

Cadbury Creme Egg








The classic we’re all used to – you either love ’em or hate ’em. This was as predictable a nomination as anything that bears the name Sean Penn, Ron Howard, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg… you get the idea. That sticky sweet milk chocolate shell covering a creamy white and yellow goo made to resemble real egg yolks. Incidentally, these bad boys are scoring low in recent ratings compared to other brands of chocolate eggs… but will the Big Name win when the night is over? Will the “underdog” (that’s not really an underdog) again surface and save the day? Me? I never get tired of these… but I don’t know if they deserve the 2009 Best Eggster. 

“The Curious Case of the Kindersurprise”










Let’s face it, you’re either investing in chocolate eggs for the chocolate or the novelty. While I enjoy the novelty (last time I got a pirate monkey and some stickers), the kid-aimed hollow milk and white chocolate shell on these is completely unmemorable. Still… the 2009 toys have greatly improved to the 2008 toys as my 5 year-old nephew can attest (“But Aunt Ya-Ya, what is it?” he asked last April when we opened one and were dumbfounded by some random pieces of plastic that were supposed to be a toy).


“The Dove Chocolatier”








Chocolate for a middle-class audience… those of us who snub our noses at Mr. Hershey or Ms. Cadbury, but are not willing to fork out the money for Godiva on up. Yet, these chocolate truffle eggs are irresistibly good, particularly the dark chocolate ones, albeit non-traditional in their half-egg shape. (I like my egg to look and feel like an egg, darn it!) But are they good enough? Will you be thinking about these all year until next Easter? Or will you be just as happy eating their cheery cousins, The Dove Promises? Note: I can’t get Dove chocolate here, so if anyone can do me a favor and Fed-Ex some out here, this competition will be a lot more fair… thanks…

“Mark/Spencer (and their creme egg)”

These babies are so new that I can’t even find a picture of them (though if you click on the link above, you can see some of their other Easter treats this year). Made from Belgian milk chocolate (probably fair trade, as is custom with most M&S stuff) and filled with a fluffy vanilla fondant that borders between Cadbury’s filling and a marshmallow, I’m not sure what to make of this year’s indie nominee. Part of me feels like an alcoholic who just wants to go back to the cheap comfort of Pabst Blue Ribbon (i.e. Cadbury’s Eggs)… but the sweet crunch of Belgian chocolate is indeed very good and makes me curious enough to try another. And truly, if we’re talking about cost here, these are only 20 cents or so more than a typical Cadbury Egg. 

“Lindtog Millionaire”








The first thing you’ll notice about a Lindt Lindor Truffle Egg is that it’s probably a third the size of any of these other eggs. It almost takes it out of the running, as this is a competition for features, not shorts. Almost. But we figured that while size  may be seen as a downside, you have to go to the heart of the matter – what does the egg taste like? How does that silky smooth chocolate make you feel when you indulge? Does it cause you to forget the outside world and want to be a better person? Or does it simply dissolve unnoticed in your mouth, causing you to look for something else to fill the proverbial hole? Even worse, is it offensive? We’ll let the judges decide….

Since I have to wait for the Oscar outcomes, you shall have to wait for the Eggsters… until then, fill in your ballots, charge your camera battery and get your tuxedo dry-cleaned because it’s going to be a big night for some lucky egg!

“And the Eggster goes to…”


2 thoughts on ““And the Eggster Goes to…”

  1. hmm…I’ll have to do some independent research. I bet the Lindt ones are amazing though. Forgot about Sammy and the odd toy! Ha ha!

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