On the road again…










Just wanted to let you all know I am back on the job trail! As you may remember, I finished with The Wine Buff after the holiday rush. Now, after hours being cut and other factors getting in the way, I’ve finished my time at the Salthouse – but I am ready to embark on something new!

This time I am trying for something more administrative/secretarial/entry level… maybe that will serve me better for the long term. Film and writing jobs are sparse and, to be candid, breeding grounds for the whole “it’s who you know, not what you know” scenario, so I have figured it’s best to look at some other angles. Besides, I’ve always found that alphabetizing and collating can be quite Zen! Haha! 

So… please keep that in your thoughts and prayers! I’ve applied for about 20 jobs (that I feel well-qualified to take on) since February, but no luck yet. Hopefully this will be my week! I’ll keep you in the loop. 

We had a nice weekend – sunny and clear with lots of time spent in the garden, cleaning house, and reading Harry Potter. We also had dinner for my friend Wendy’s birthday last night at this great American-influenced restaurant: The Eastern Seaboard. Really great food and classy atmosphere for extremely reasonable prices. Frank had roast chicken with sausage stuffing, green beans and sweet potato wedges; I had crab cakes on ciabatta with sweet potato wedges also. Then we had to split a creme brulee, which was fantastic. I hope to get back there again soon!


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