New Life

Frank's Birthday Cake

Frank’s 32nd birthday was yesterday. As I sit here writing to you, I am enjoying a leftover piece of his Devil’s Food cake with chocolate frosting, raspberries, blackberries and stiffly whipped cream. It wasn’t the most skillful cake I’ve ever baked, but it did not disappoint, just the same!

We had his parents around for dinner, and I served a variation of my grandmother’s Chicken Cacciatore. It was nice to sit and talk and eat good food! I am very thankful for a great set of in-laws who are always fun to have around.  


It was someone else’s birthday yesterday as well! Frank’s sister, Lorraine, had a beautiful 7 lb. baby girl named Chloe at 10:15 a.m. She is truly a model baby – perfectly formed with delicate features and a quiet (so far!) yet independent demeanor. 

This is the first in the next generation of the Kelly family and we are all celebrating! Mother, father and child are doing well and we enjoyed visiting with them just a few hours after the birth. Can’t wait to start babysitting!

Lettuce sprouts

Springtime never neglects to inspire me… so even with my mixed gardening results, I can’t help planting a few seeds indoors to try again to have  healthy vegetable and flower beds in our little space. Above are the tender shoots of lettuce that have popped up in the sitting room window, just a few days after planting.

Fingers crossed! I’ve already had one new bed entirely ruined by the cats next door, so I’ll have to start again with that one… I think the only foolproof way to keep them out is by covering everything in chicken wire. Sigh. 

It’s a lovely evening, though, and the days are definitely getting longer and milder. We have birds building nests under the eaves by our bedroom window and the trees around town are beginning to bloom as well. It’s a hopeful time of year, and one can’t help but daydream. 


6 thoughts on “New Life

  1. Have fun with your gardening. Will you be planting the chili willies? 🙂 I don’t think I could pluck them off the vine without cringing….

  2. P.S. You pics of lettuce inspired me to start some inside too. Now we have happy little sprouts as well. Thanks for the gardening inspiration!

  3. hello hello! So, this is going to sound ridiculous. But, when you first commented on my blog I clicked to view yours and I couldn’t find where to comment. ??? Yeah, ridiculous. I checked back, and what do ya know, the comments on on top of the post rather the bottom. I’m a dork.

    So glad you’re checking out the blog. Also, quite glad to hear your are married an live in Ireland now!! That’s amazing.

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