April Showers and Flowers

Well, I’m sure I didn’t mean for a month to pass between posts! Sorry about that, faithful readers. 

new blooms

It’s a lovely April afternoon here in Drogheda and I am, indeed, looking out upon my back yard as I write. The ground is finally all dug for the garden extension, but I still need to incorporate new compost and do a final cleaning out of rocks and other rubbish just under the surface. I might push it a bit late again this year, just because I’ve had so much else going on! But my mom has sent me seeds from the States and I am determined to try and grow a few more things this year. BBC gardening shows are all the rage right now, what with the big “R” over everyone’s heads, so I have plenty of outlets for advice on TV, online, and in current publications. I’ll probably break out Jamie at Home again as well – a birthday present last year from Frank that not only has great recipes but pictures and descriptions for how to grow your own produce. 

But Spring is already fully fledged here – last weekend I was in St. Stephen’s Green with my old college friend, Leslie, and the tulips and hyacinths were unbelievable. The trees have been blooming for weeks now and the pink-blossoming cherry tree in front of our house is covered at the moment. It’s still not warm enough in my mind to go around without a jacket… but that doesn’t stop most of the other population!

neighbourhood tree

Frank has been busy with a new short film and was shooting that for five days at the beginning of the month. It was quite an education for me, to go from working with filmmakers out of an office to working hands-on with them out in the field! The actors and crew were all really great to have around though, and despite a few days of pouring rain, we had smooth sailing. I tried to keep everyone fed and watered and helped where I could. Frank is editing the film now and it’s going to be great to see what it looks like when he’s got it all finished! So much work! I’m actually hoping to get a little baking done this afternoon to thank some of our generous neighbors who let us film in front of their houses!

Paschal, Noel and Sue

Meanwhile, I have changed jobs again and I am now working part-time as a receptionist in a local doctors’ office. It’s just a ten minute walk from where we live and the staff are all really nice and fun to work with. It’s definitely a change for me – I never imagined myself near the medical profession – but it’s a great way to meet lots of people, use my brain and computer skills, and feel like I’m helping people as well. So that has been a real blessing to us. 

That’s the news for now! I have more old friends coming to Dublin and Belfast next month, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with them at some stage. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that we might make it back to the States for a visit this year, but we’ll just have to see how the finances go. In the meantime, do keep in touch and let me know how things are in your neck of the world!


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