Only in dreams

Thanks to everyone for all your well-wishes on the new wee one. Still not sure of my dates – finally got in to the “antenatal” clinic in the local hospital but they didn’t have the staff to do an ultrasound, so it may be up to six weeks more! It shouldn’t matter, but I would like to plan it a little if I can… be able to tell people a more solid date… and make sure there’s just one in there! But, all in good time.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share an interesting dream I had. I know pregnant dreams are notoriously vivid and crazy, so I don’t usually try to draw too much meaning… but this one really stuck with me.

I dreamt that somehow my family (the Koopmans) were invited to this really fancy state dinner. There were only maybe 100 people there, and they included world leaders from all over. It appeared that the event was organized by President Obama, who sat just a few tables away from us with all his bodyguards. Anyway, it was this amazing event. We sat there just really enjoying ourselves, surrounded by people of all different cultures – Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Buddhists, all together in harmony for a meal and entertainment. There was incredible music and then ballets and art performances, every one more colorful and fantastic than the one before. We were utterly beguiled in this beauty, this oneness, this peace.

Right before I woke up, we found out that everyone was there as a sort of confirmation that we’d all adopt this new set of rules Obama had written out for us. I don’t know what the rules were, but I knew that some were good, and some were bad, and he’d brought them before these world leaders for their agreement and adoption without having passed them through Congress because he knew they would be stopped there. It was sort of a jarring wake up (both in and out of the dream!) that here we’d had this wonderful time together, but that these new laws had been sort of slipped in. And as I looked around me in the dream, no one seemed to care, because we were all swept up in the beautiful event going on around us.

Now, in complete and total fairness – I am admittedly horrible at keeping up with American politics right now. I hear only snippets about how the new White House is handling the nation. Really the only thing that has struck me is that some people are thrilled with the money they’re getting to help them out, while others are saying that more money is being spent that ever recorded in history. I have a shaky foundation of opinions, but at this stage I’m not going to pass a whole lot of judgement on Obama’s administration, particularly because of some preggo dream I had! But I just found this to be very poignant because I think as humans, it is so terribly easy to get swept up in the big displays of “niceness” that twist our heartstrings. Everyone wants to belong, and be inspired, and hear good things, and celebrate and dance and push aside worries.

This dream has just made me think about how part of living life is examining the bad just as much as the good. And I hate bad stuff! And sometimes I even dwell on it too much as it is! But bad stuff comes on this earth we inhabit and that’s just how it’s meant to be sometimes. And this could be in politics, in church, in the workplace, in school, in friendships, in marriages, in anything, really!

So if I learned anything from this dream, and if you want to take anything away from all this ridiculous meandering blogging (I really need to get back into editing my work…) – I’d just say don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t let your passionate side take over your brain. We all like to live in Happy Valley… but we need to watch what’s going into the water!


One thought on “Only in dreams

  1. This morning when Sammy woke me up at 5 am with a sore throat I dreamed I was drinking margaritas with garden knomes come to life! When I was pregnant I once had a very *interesting* dream about Vin Diesel. Oh the places one’s subconsious can go!

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