Wives Tales

According to the following home tests to determine the sex of one’s baby…

The Heartbeat: Girl

Left breast bigger than right: Girl

Craving sour over sweet: Boy

Weight gain of husband: Boy

Pendant held over hand swings back and forth: Boy

Carrying High: Girl

Breakouts/oily skin: Girl

So… that’s a 4/7 chance it’s a girl or a 3/7 chance it’s a boy! Funny, isn’t it? I guess we’ll know which tests actually “work” in a few more months, eh? Haha. Of course, we don’t really want to know the sex otherwise we’d just ask, but it’s very interesting to try some old superstitions for the heck of it! Maybe I’ll put a knife under the bed to cut the pain, too.

Oh, and we didn’t do the Drano test because it supposedly creates toxic fumes and I’m not even sure you can buy Drano here…


4 thoughts on “Wives Tales

  1. yeah right. Problem is, which ever you will have, you will think you have it figured out and then number two comes along and ruins all the theories. I could never tell any of those ways with any of my kids, but my original gut thought was always right. I loved waiting to find out what it was… so once in a lifetime of a moment 🙂

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