Evelyn Sheila Kelly

And all of a sudden, poof, it’s over! No more heartburn, no more enormous tummy blocking the view of my feet, no more carpel tunnel in my arms… no more being pregnant!

Wow, it’s been ages since my last post!

After 40 weeks and an additional 12 days, our little angel, our Evelyn, decided to make her way into the world. She was born on December 18, taking about 21 hours of labor to arrive. We won’t get much sleep for a while, but she’s worth it! She weighed in at 6 lbs 15.5 oz and is continuing to grow. All our thanks go out to the staff in the Midwifery Unit at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital here in Drogheda, and of course to our friends and family ’round the world who have been so supportive.

The name Evelyn, which came to Ireland from Norman invaders, means “wished for (baby)” and is thought to have originated as “Aveline.” It is also the name of my 94 year-old paternal grandmother, who is a spunky mix of German and Italian heritage. Sheila is the name of Frank’s late maternal grandmother, another lively female character. How appropriate then, that our very sweet and independent baby girl is named after these two incredible women.

I can’t finish this post without mentioning my amazing husband, Frank. He’s put up with all the emotional outbursts, late-night cravings, fits of insanity and now all the stresses of being a new daddy, and all with hardly a complaint! Often you’ll hear new fathers say how in love they are with their wife after watching her give birth… but I’m here to say it goes the other way as well! It’s surreal and exciting to be a new parent, but I also never knew just how much more I could fall in love with my husband after going through the rigors of pregnancy, labor and birth and now, parenthood. So Honey, I love you, and thanks for all you’ve done and are doing.

To all the rest of you: If I am writing in bits and spurts for a while, forgive me – I have my hands full (literally!). In the meantime, I hope you’ll keep checking back and know that I send you all my best wishes for the New Year.

From all of us – Frank, Maryann, Evelyn and Georgie – Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “Evelyn Sheila Kelly

  1. Maryann –

    Congrats again on being a new mom! She is such a cutie and I’m glad to hear you are all doing well. Take care and have a Happy New Year! James and I are thinking of you guys and wishing all of you the best!

  2. Congratulations Maryann and Frank! Your blessing is a beauty!
    I’ve been checking regularly to see if she/he had arrived! Our firstborn arrived Dec 13 (32 years ago) and it’s always been very special to have a child who was born close to Christ’s birthdate. (By the way, there must be something about 21 hours of labor for babies born in December, too:) The good news is one of my obstetricians said each childbirth is usually half the time of the previous one. By the time our 3rd came along I was asked how far of a drive it would be to IU med center 🙂

  3. She certainly is a wished for baby. How appropriate. Lovely name. Lovely girl.

    I owe you a call, a long email and a package.

  4. She’s beautiful Maryann! Is she betrothed? I do think she and August would make a fabulous couple. Just kidding 🙂

    Enjoy this time. It is true what everyone says, they grow so quickly! And for your sake and Frank’s, I hope Evelyn is a better sleeper than my little one. And if she isn’t, well… just repeat after me, “this too shall pass” … “this too shall pass”…

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