Biting my twiddling thumbnails

I’ve always thought volcanos were cool – massive mountains of oozy red liquid rock, powerful, beautiful, mysterious.

Today, however, there is one volcano that is on my bad list. Yup, you guessed it – the culprit is Iceland’s large and currently active volcano (What’s its name? Does anyone know?) that is throwing all of Europe’s air travel into turmoil with its gargantuan plumes of ash.


Frank is supposed to be going to the world premiere of his latest film, “140,” at the Newport Beach Film Festival later this week. We couldn’t afford to send him, so a bunch of people got together and pooled their money to buy him a ticket. We’ve been so excited for him to get to make this trip, but now it’s not looking good, even though the prognosis seems to change every few hours.

In addition to that trip, and perhaps more importantly, next week Evelyn and I are supposed to be flying to Denver and meeting Frank there along with some of my family and friends. From there, we’re supposed to go up to Bozeman, MT, where we’ll spend another week with family and friends, including my 94 year-old grandma, Evelyn.

“Supposed to” is a really annoying phrase.

I haven’t been Home in over two years and none of my family have met our Evelyn yet. I know there is still time for the wind to change – literally – but I’m getting worried and put out about the whole thing, to be honest!

I know we’ll make it over there eventually and everything will get worked out. But it’s the plans other people have made and the trouble and expense they’ve gone to for our little family of three that really agitates me.

And it’s pretty complicated for us as well – what with all the different legs of the journey, hotels and other details, making any changes are already causing me headaches and a nervous tick to cling to my pocketbook! Add to that a squirmy, sometimes-cranky 4 month-old baby who has never traveled more than an hour!

So, what do I do? I’m busy getting helping Frank get ready as though there’s no problem in sight, and then, we just wait. I know I’m really really really lucky that we’re not STUCK in an airport somewhere like so many people have been for the last six days! And I know I’m extremely fortunate that the airlines are not taking chances with our lives. But the waiting is a small agony in itself.

I guess I’ll just take a deep breath and try (again) not to worry. I’ll make every effort not to turn into a volcano myself. 🙂

And maybe I’ll make it a baking day. Frank’s been off sugar since Easter, but I think this additional stress in our lives calls for the big guns. Some chocolate chip cookies oughta do the trick, don’t you think? (Especially as, thanks to a friend, I just got a couple bags of  Tollhouse Morsels in the mail.)

Keep your eyes on the skies. And say a prayer. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Biting my twiddling thumbnails

  1. How wonderful that you have such a supportive group of friends! That is marvelous 🙂 And how fun to have a trip to see family just around the corner. I hope it goes well for you all! (The sugar sounds like a marvelous idea, btw.)

  2. Claire

    Keeping our fingers crossed that the clouds clear and we get to see you all, safe and sound, in Denver. I second the sugar plan. It always mends us.

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