Just so you know, Frank DID get to go to California last Thursday, which happened to be the first day they let regular flights back in the air here! Whew!!! Why do we always cut it so close??? (even when we have nothing to do with it…)

Meanwhile, Evey and I are off to Denver tomorrow! It’s definitely a little daunting to think of traveling overseas with a 4 month-old baby… who is teething… and fighting a cold… but I am excited and I am just praying it all goes pretty smoothly! We can’t wait to see “Daddy” again and, of course, my family and friends!

I promise to give you a good post or two during and/or after the USA pilgrimage. 🙂 Thanks for hanging in there with me and Thank you Volcano, for switching to white steam over black ash. We’re all feeling a bit healthier.

Love, Maryann


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