An Occasion

A certain occasion of moderate importance is coming up this week – guess? – and I’m going to be making an Angel Food Cake with strawberries and cream and, hopefully some ice cream. I love Angel Food Cake and it is one of the things I happen to miss most during the summers in Ireland. You just don’t see it here – not in the bakeries, not by the box, not anywhere. I’ve never tried one myself here because I assumed you had to use a specific Angle Food Cake  tube pan (which, again, I can’t find for sale here), but upon my recent trip home, I found I can do it in a regular bundt pan or supposedly even a loaf pan!  Woohoo! 

As for the ice cream – this may be another challenge yet! I do not have an ice-cream maker and my freezer is, tragically, the size of a small shirt box. But I will prevail! I’m going to take my lead from the experts, including this blog I stumbled onto today, and try it out as best I can. Probably the trickiest part will not be the freezing but the cooking of the custard. I’ve had some disastrous results with custard. 

However, if the stars are aligned in my favor for this particular occasion, happening this Thursday, we’ll be celebrating with a light-as-air Angel Food Cake, fresh strawberries, double cream, and Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream

Advice, anyone?


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