More of the good stuff.

A funny thing happened the other day when Frank and I went for a meal. He asked the waitress what beers were on tap and she replied, “Carlsberg and Budweiser.” He ordered the former. A few minutes later, I saw her bringing a pint of Guinness to another customer. “Why didn’t she tell you they had Guinness?” I scoffed. “Because I didn’t ask for stout,” he said.  Ah.

Obviously, to me, beer is beer, be it good, bad, ale or stout.  Obviously, I haven’t been in Ireland long enough. 🙂

*    *    *    *    *

It’s a rainy evening here in Drogheda. Evelyn is exhausted from our day out and about, but she is fighting sleep with all that is in her as Frank and I take turns going back into her room to stick the soother back in her mouth and re-wind the music box. She’s a stubborn one! It’s almost funny, I must admit, to see her mad little face poking out of the swaddling as she shakes her head back and forth and kicks her legs in fury! One day we’ll tell her all about it.  Probably one day when she’s a teenager and wants to do nothing but sleep in!

I’m back on the gardening wagon this week. I’ve been inspired by friends and neighbors, so I’m not giving up – those darn cats can’t beat me!  I completely re-dug and re-planted the veggie patch for the third time and covered it with chicken wire and a few yards of tulle (wedding leftovers are great, even 1 1/2 years on…). So far, there are no signs of disruption. Fingers crossed! Same stuff as last year – a haphazard sprinkling of lettuce, carrots, zucchini (courgettes here) and pumpkin seeds plus a couple potatoes that sprouted in the cupboard.

A little aside – Evelyn has been crying for about half an hour now and Frank’s brought her back downstairs. She’s delighted with herself, especially as Georgie (our border collie) is showing her concern by giving the child a complete tongue bath. 

But I digress!

As for flowers, I got some of the same old sort of bedding plants and I’ve thrown in a few wild card perennials – hollyhocks and hydrangeas. I bought the hollyhocks from my favorite flower seller at our local Thursday market downtown. She recommended them when I expressed an interest in planting flowers that attract bees. I’m totally excited to see them bloom, if I can keep them alive! Already the ground around them is a war zone of dead slugs and snails.

I love love love the hydrangeas that grow around here and have long been coveting a huge and lush bush of my own. Well, we’re starting small – this one just fits in a pot and its bloom almost makes it topple over – but I’m still thrilled. I picked it up at the Dublin Docklands Maritime Festival over the weekend.

The Maritime Festival was a great time. I stumbled across it when I was browsing the web and I’m so glad we made the trip down to Dublin. The day was perfect – sunny and mid-60s with a cool breeze blowing in off the River Liffey. The Festival not only included big ships and sea-faring memorabalia, but also musicians, performers, food vendors  and craftsmen from around the world, a children’s fun-fair and a large selection of gorgeous plants and flowers for sale.

As always, I was drawn to the flowers and the food!  In particular, there were a lot of vendors from Belgium and the Netherlands, which was really delightful. I’ve still not yet been to that part of Europe, but I actually felt like in a tiny way, I’d seen part of their true culture. We got a wonderful selection of goodies from “The Dutch Cookieman,” including the classic Dutch cinnamon cookies that are sort of a cross between gingersnaps and snickerdoodles. I sorta like calling them snickersnaps.  I wish we had taken pictures before we gobbled them all up.

The ships in the harbour were magnificent as well. Evelyn and I climbed aboard the 1926 Artemis and had a great time exploring the decks, but we also got close up shore views of the Georg Stage, the 1847 (2002) Jeanie Johnston, the 1904 Bessie Ellen and the 1945 Notre Dame de Rumengal, among others.  (The Jeanie Johnston is a replica of a famine/immigrant ship that sailed between Ireland and America and is docked on the River Liffey year round, just in case you’re interested in such things.) Ships like these are truly beautiful works of engineering. Sometimes I think I should have been a pirate. 🙂

Well, over an hour later, Evelyn is back in bed and presumably sleeping. At last! My, how life has changed – I used to be able to hammer out one of these posts in no time! Now it’s the work of an entire evening.

On that note, it’s time to put my feet up and snuggle the husband. Hope you are well – more soon.


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