Sweet Summer

The garden is finally flourishing. Three cheers for salad season!

We grilled burgers outside the other night, always a small triumph in unpredictable Irish summers. It was lovely and calm as we munched our dinner and watched the neighbour’s clothing flapping on the lines. Evelyn woke up from her nap in time for roasting marshmallows, which she didn’t get to try (yet!). Instead, she just got a bottle of plain water, which she wasn’t too sure about drinking.

My favorite little Artisan Market in Drogheda has been selling the most delicious cherries the last few weeks. I scooped some up last Friday along with some enormous fragrant sweet peas.

It was bucketing down rain today, so we made our daily errands quick after Frank and Evelyn met me when I was finished working.  It’s always so sweet to see their smiling faces coming around the corner and in through the doorway of the coffee shop.

by Frank Kelly

Roasted a chicken for dinner and finished it off with Raspberry Lemon Crumb Bars, using fresh raspberries from our next-door neighbour’s over supply! I found the recipe on The Thrifty Gourmet. Mine were not as crumbly as the ones on the site, as I halved the recipe but still used a whole egg. Still nice, though!

So, that’s us this week. No astounding news or thrilling revelations. Just us. And a few photos. 🙂


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