Please Replace Batteries

Whooo… it’s been a long day for those of us living in the Kelly household. Poor little Evelyn was up most of the night, fussy and feverish. This is at least the third time I’ve started trying to write, and I’m sort of “cheating” by plopping her in front of Baby Einstein.  Sigh. So, here we go… again. 🙂

Last weekend we took a four-day holiday up along the North Coast of Antrim in Northern Ireland. The minister from my church here has a house in Portstewart and graciously lent it out to us. We had saved up enough to travel in style and rented a car, big enough to fit everything we packed and probably fit the aul washbasin if we’d have needed it! As an end-of-summer vacation for our family of three, this trip was fantastic.

We spent most of our time exploring the towns and attractions around the coast, including the geological wonders of the Giant’s Causeway and the historical intricacies of Dunluce Castle. We also had lots of time to just sit around and drink coffee, read books and play with Evelyn! 

Of course, just as we hiked into the stunning sightlines of the Giant’s Causeway, I pulled out my camera, turned it on, and saw the maddening message, “Change the Batteries.” Argh!! So, suffice to say all of the following photos are from Frank’s capable hands.

By Frank Kelly

 Evelyn really is getting a bit big for the Baby Bjorn… but it’s so handy! The hike actually wasn’t nearly as tough as I worried it might be and I was able to climb all over the famous rocks with her in tow.

By Frank Kelly

 Here is Evey, posing by “The Organ,” one of the magnificent formations along the cliffs at the Giant’s Causeway. I get such a kick out of her!

By Frank Kelly

 We worked up the nerve to hike all the way up to the top of the upper cliffs and got an amazing view over the whole Causeway area. It was so stunning! Evelyn crashed and fell asleep on me, somewhere along the 162 steep steps I climbed to the top. Little trooper!

By Frank Kelly

 This was my favourite view looking back over the sea from the cliffs. The day started out a bit drizzly and grey, as so many days do around here, but by the time we’d hiked up the cliffs, it was sunny and the sea absolutely glistened.

Below, Frank and Evelyn walk along the Victorian Promenade in Portstewart. It’s a sweet town with loads of cute shops along the Promenade and the wonderful (though pricey) Morelli’s Ice Cream Parlour.

By Frank Kelly

 Dunluce Castle was one of the coolest things we saw on the trip. It’s a very well-preserved Medeival castle hanging right off the rocky island it’s built upon. It has a long history of occupants and the additions they put on the place, but even if you knew nothing about it, I think you would still get sucked into its stark romanticism if you poked around as we did.

 The rainy mist that hung around all day only added to the mystique.

By Frank Kelly

So there’s the gist of it! We really had a great getaway and enjoyed all the towns we went through – Portstewart, Portrush, Coleraine and Bushmills (where we did NOT take the distillery tour, but did have the most appalling lunch ever in a local cafe…haha). On our last day, we stopped off in Belfast for a few hours, another treat, and even discovered a new store/restaurant that I immediately fell in love with: AVOCA.

 People ask me how I like driving over here and I can honestly say it’s not a bother… once I get used to it again! Funnily enough, driving on the opposite side of the road and car are not the challenge for me… it’s the narrow roads! Sometimes I feel like I have absolutely no sense of how much space there is in a given lane and, rather than sideswipe the car coming in the opposite direction, I scare Frank to death by going up a curb or off in a ditch! I was especially leery of the scenic yet curvy Causeway Costal route we took on several occasions, and even moreso when it rained! But we got up there and back in one piece, so I can’t have done too badly.

Well, I’m off to comfort my baby – poor thing is still out of sorts! I think I could use a cuppa as well.


2 thoughts on “Please Replace Batteries

  1. From one mommy to another, Baby Einstein isn’t “cheating”; it’s “maintaining sanity.” 😉

    Beautiful pics! Sounds like it was a great getaway! I do hope Evelyn starts feeling better soon.

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