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Sometimes I think we don’t pay enough attention to our poor Border Collie, Georgie. My 2010 New Year’s Resolution was to take her for a walk every day (shouldn’t be so hard, right?), but, as with most resolutions, I’ve not stuck to it. We have a wonderful big back yard for her to run in, but it’s just not the same. She loves going wherever we go, and especially adores going to the beach.

By Frank Kelly

We got her from the kind people at the Collon Animal Sanctuary over 2 years ago and she is just such a sweet heart. But then, when Evelyn came along last December (on Georgie’s birthday, no less!), our good doggie got even less attention than ever, except maybe a few more scoldings. Not fair! She was here first!

Truth be told, she is fabulous with Evelyn – a great big sister! – and actually seems quite content in our family, even with the shortcomings of her owners. Though she’s had her jealous moments, she is always on hand to cheer the baby up during a meltdown. She also watches her during every bath and looks for her every morning to give her a “hello!” lick. And Evelyn loves Georgie, too!

So, today’s post is dedicated to our wonderful, friendly, beautiful dog, Georgie Kelly. Wish she could read, but here’s what she told me to write:

Today I got up and moved from my bed to the couch.  Then I gave “Good Morning” licks to Frank and Evelyn.  Sniffed the bathroom garbage.  Went outside and chased a few cats. Taunted the neighbour’s dog, Tiger, from the other side of the fence. Ate some food. Took a nap. Watched TV with Evelyn and made sure she did not fall out of her chair. Went upstairs and helped Frank get Evelyn dressed. Sniffed the bathroom garbage. Laid down in Frank’s office and licked the floor awhile. Took a nap. Got excited when Maryann came home. Ran around and drove everyone nuts. Went back outside. Chased cats, taunted Tiger. Played fetch with Maryann and Frank. Emptied my toybox and chewed an old bone I found in there. Took a nap while the family went out to the shops. Stole one of Evelyn’s pacifiers and chewed it to bits, but hid it under a cushion so it’s OK. Family came home, found the pacifier and scolded me. Went back outside. Came inside and begged at the dinner table. Only got one stinking bit of pork chop. Went back outside. Came in and watched Evelyn take her bath. Licked the side of the tub whenever the water dripped over. Sniffed the bathroom garbage. Listened to bedtime story and made sure baby got to bed OK. Ate some food. Played with Frank on the couch, nudging and licking him when he did my special whistle. Then he put me to bed in my room with a fresh bowl of water and some late-night snacks. Dug around my bed a bit until Maryann came down and scolded me. Curled up and went to sleep. The End.


7 thoughts on “Dog Blog

  1. Oh Georgie, how I miss thee,
    you gave em sweet company,
    of all the dogs in all the kennels
    you walked into our lives
    And now you give plenty of intriguing sighs!
    Love you!

  2. I told you Georgie would be good to Evelyn. Bennie and Madeline are both playmates for Juniper. Especially Bennie, he takes everything in stride that June can dish out. Madeline licks Juniper’s face when she has had enough of June’s shenanigans. Dogs rule!

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