Spider Season

While good ol’ St. Paddy may have rid this land of snakes, he left behind a helluva lota massively big spiders!  (It’s true – there are no snakes in Ireland! But lots and lots of arachnids!!!)

By Frank Kelly

Now that the wasps have died off and the houseflies are dwindling, we find ourselves Welcoming (whether we want to or not…) Spider Season!

Funny, I never thought of it before, but Spider Season coincides perfectly with Halloween… and I always thought spiders were just included with the ghosts and goblins because of the fear factor!

By Frank Kelly

 Now, I’ve become pretty accustomed to a whole variety of creepy crawlies dwelling in my garden… but spiders like these Irish monsters are another matter altogether. I find myself giving them villanous names so that I might feel a bit less jumpy when I know they’re around… Rasputin, Voldemort, and Nero have all occupied spaces in corners of doorways or around the bins.

 The new tenants are a couple who live on the ceiling of the shed – Hannibal & Clarice.

Go ahead and call me crazy… but we all have our phobias! And if naming the little eight-legged creatures keeps me from screaming when I walk smack into a giant web, (as I’ve been known to do…*shudder*) so be it. 🙂


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