The wind is changing here in Drogheda, and it’s time to pull out warmer clothes. It’s not full-on autumn yet, but the evenings smell different – like damp earth and smoky fireplaces – and I can see my breath in the air on the way to work in the morning.

by Frank Kelly

Evelyn is a little devil for pulling off hats and gloves and furry boots, but we’re doing our best to keep her wrapped up well to ward off those nasty colds and flus going around town. She ought to be used to it – she is a winter baby, after all!

I’ve been busy with a lot of work and the normal goings-on of life, but I’m starting to tuck away little secrets in my head the way I used to hide candies under the couch cushions.

Secrets? Yes… secrets… like Evelyn’s first Halloween costume!  I’m sort of putting it together  myself and will not unveil the finished product until the day! It’s going to be great, though. I’m also stirring an invisible pot of ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas treats I want to make. Add to that a mental list of gifts I’m starting to look for… what to plan for our second anniversary… ideas of how to make “a few bob extra”… and other surprises too delicious to even hint at! I love the pleasure this bit of mischief is bringing me, and I can’t wait to reveal all in time.

One thing I CAN finally tell you is that Frank’s latest film, the experimental documentary “140,” will be showing as an Official Selection at this year’s Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis. This is particularly special because Heartland is where Frank and I met, plus it is a festival with a reputation for only showing the highest caliber of films. Of course, we would kill to be there, but it’s not happening this time… Frank will just have to keep making his wonderful movies and we’ll get back there before much longer. 🙂

For those of you on this side of the pond, “140” will also be making is European premiere at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin on October 10 at 1 p.m. as part of their “Ireland on Sunday” programme. Frank and I both plan on being there for this screening and are very excited to finally show the film off here.

Check back here later this week – I may not spill the beans on anything yet, but I hope to pull another posting out of the dusty attic that is my mind these days! Until then, enjoy, and be blessed.


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