Special Haunt

Fallon & Byrne

Even after all this time, a trip to Dublin is still an event for me. I get excited while we wait for the train to pull into the station, planning in my head where we’ll go and what we might see. I’m like a kid going on a field trip to the big city, even though I know my way around pretty well by now!!

In honour of upcoming Halloween, I thought I’d post about one of my favourite “haunts” in Dublin… a shop called Fallon & Byrne… though there’s nothing scary about it (except sometimes the prices)!!!!

Beautiful Cheeses

Truth be told, I can’t decide what I enjoy most about this shop – perusing the wide variety of delicious gourmet and international items OR looking for some of my favourite American guilty pleasures and laughing over the prices!!!

Hershey's Syrup €5.35

Karo Syrup €4.95

 I’d imagine the USA goods stocked in the shop are for the ol’ ex-pats like me who pine away for a taste of home… but I wonder what the rest of the world must think when they see things like Froot Loops cereal with Marshmallows? (selling for €8 a box, I might add!) Still, sometimes old recipes warrant using the real thing, such as Karo dark corn syrup, no matter what the price or inconvenience. I’ll also confess here that I bought a jar of Marshmallow Fluff – yes, I won’t deny it – so I can make some easy “cheaters” fudge this Christmas. My non-Fluff recipes have all ended in disaster, so I’ll go back to the easy way!

Rose, Violet and Lavendar Sugars

It’s great fun exploring the specialty items around the shop as well. I love picking up things like Tunisian Harissa, French flavoured sugars, Belgian Chocolate laced with things like green tea, and a fabulous selection of top-end meats, cheeses, olives, preserved fruits, relishes, teas and coffees! And I’ve never even been up to the fancy cafe or down to the wine cellar for a meal! Maybe the next script Frank sells will warrant such a celebration.

Another added bonus of frequenting Fallon & Byrne when we’re in Dublin is that the staff are quite nice and helpful, giving off the impression that they really care about the place and their work within its walls. Great customer service is not always easy to find in Ireland… and I know from experience that it has to come from a sincere self-investment on  the part of the employee!  It’s refreshing to feel like there is a healthy balance – in all aspects – at Fallon & Byrne.

Ahhh, lovely foods and lovely shops, such a delight! Ha ha ha, I’m such a foodie-wannabe, me and my Fluff. 🙂

But, honestly now, what would YOU miss most from home if you couldn’t find it in the local shops?


4 thoughts on “Special Haunt

  1. Remember when I spent that October in Indie, and flew out to LA for a week?! I paid something like $15 for a box of Lyons Tea and Cherry Bakewells! (probably cost €5 here for both) But they were SOOOO worth it!!!

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