Fairytale Beginning

Can’t believe it’s been two years to the day since Frank and I were married in Bellingham Castle!

Bellingham Castle by Caroline Koopman

It was such a beautiful day for us and we share many happy memories of a cozy wedding weekend spent with family and friends.  I know we were very lucky to spend the most important day of our new life together in such a fairytale setting! Even on a cold, gray, rainy day, the castle was sill picturesque with its roaring fires and welcoming rooms, not to mention the most accomodating staff you’ll ever meet. While it’s true that Bellingham Castle may be a bit… dated… I think it’s homey feel drew our guests in unlike any other wedding venue I’ve ever visited! Looking back two years I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

The castle has been for sale for quite a while now… the family who owns it seemingly cannot afford the upkeep any longer and have been trying to find a buyer who will take the project on, fix the place up and bring it alive again. I’m sorry to see it go on the market, but even more sorry to see it hasn’t been bought, even after a massive price reduction from 4.5 million euro to only 2.75 million euro. Still a big chunk of change, I know, but when you think of what tiny flats on Central Park West go for… or bedsits in Paris… or beach front property in Malibu… I’d say this is a bit of a bargain!

I think whoever buys the place will have to adopt it as a labour of love… and I sort of wish it could be me! I just hope that the castle will be around for the long run and thatwe can return there every so often to show our kids where the magic all began. 🙂


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