A time for thanks.

I know it’s been a while, sorry for the delay, but there’s been a lot going on for us! Last weekend we were in England for my little brother’s wedding and with a busy week with work and family, I’m afraid I’m still catching up.

That said, it’s been quite an easy Sunday around here, and with signs of Christmas on the horizon, I broke out the Mannheim Steamroller CDs and have a stack of blank Christmas cards here next to me.  I can even see a little snow still on the ground outside as the sun sets into the clouds of magnificent pink and orange.

A week ago today, we were celebrating David and Lindseys’ wedding in the Gosport/Stubbington/Fareham part of England. It was a really lovely affair and so nice to see some of the family. It was actually the first wedding I’ve been to since my own, so it was fun to be part of the background and really touching to witness the expressions of their love for each other. Very memorable!

This was also my first official visit to England – I don’t count the stopovers at Heathrow Airport! Frank has not really spent any time there either, apart from a family trip to London when he was young. We both really enjoyed the visit and exploring all the unique characteristics of the country so close to our right!

It’s funny, but it seems a lot of people think England and Ireland are the same because they’re in such close proximitiy, speak the same language, populated by the same ancestors, etc… in fact, a few years ago, I might have thought that myself! In actuality, even though there are similarities, the two countries are quite different in many ways. I found England to have a totally different feel to it, both in architecture and history. The Southampton area that we mainly explored is rich with Tudor buildings, massive castles, countless nautical and military museums and other historic landmarks. It’s the part of the country where the most powerful kings used to roam, where ships like the Mayflower and the Titanic were docked, where timeless writers like Dickens, Austen and Shakespeare lived and loved and wrote. I know we could have spent at least another week or two exploring it all! It’s the sort of place you could easily lose yourself in imagination and wonder.

Our trip was a bit of a whirlwind, though, and with me behind the wheel, we didn’t always get to the places we wanted to see! The sights we did get to see included the little village of Titchfield, Portchester Castle, a bit of Gosport and Stubbington, and some wonderful pubs – The Titchfield Mill and the very well-hidden Fox & Hound.

We also got to take a very quick trip up to London one of the days. We were fortunate enough to catch our friend, Spanish filmmaker Gustavo Ron, while he was in town and met to chat about all manner of things in addition to a record-breaking walking tour of part of London’s historic city centre. One of the highlights for me was taking a real London black cab from Victoria Station, past Picadilly Circus and into SoHo. The cab was brilliant! So much bigger than it looked and we could even pull Evelyn into the main compartment, buggy and all, with no trouble!!! London is definitely a place I’d like to spend more time! It felt a great deal like New York to me, but on a distinctly European scale.

And just a day or so later… it was back to real life! Back to Ireland and it’s economic doom and gloom, back to work, back to our projects, back to getting Evelyn on a schedule, back to planning for the holidays!

There wasn’t much time for a Thanksgiving at the Kelly house this year, but I did manage to scrape together a turkey meatloaf, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes and a Spirited Pecan Pie. Even if we didn’t get a proper turkey, at least we got a class finish! 🙂 Just one of many things to be thankful for this year.


3 thoughts on “A time for thanks.

  1. Your stupendous driving earned a gold medal for bravery! Treasured family memories were made last week for us, too — thanks for making the trip and for giving us time with precious Evey. Hugs from our house to yours!

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