New Year Wishes

Hello, dear friends.

I have not written much lately, I’m sorry to say! I just haven’t had much to write about, truth be told. Sure, it’s been a very busy Christmas season, but I guess I just haven’t had any earth-shattering news to share. I’m sure you’ve all been too busy to read anyway. 🙂

Roaring Fire

Hope you had a good Christmas – do anything special? Ours was nice and quiet, mostly spent between our house and the in-laws’. June outdid herself on Christmas day with a turkey, a ham, AND a roast beef.  Evelyn and Chloe ran the show with all the toys and everyone had a great time watching them play. The week before was quite busy at Traders,  insanely busy really, especially considering the freezing weather and heavy snow.  I was nursing a bad cold throughout, so the 4 day weekend came as a very welcome rest.  We had one of my co-workers, a Latvian guy named Karlis, over for a festive Christmas Eve dinner, but that was the extent of our entertaining.

Santa brought us good things! We now have a little satellite dish outside the house so there have been good things to watch on the telly all week. Evelyn got lots of very noisy toys and games… mixed blessing… and we all received a great selection of new books and clothes. No complaints here!

This week the snow melted away all in a single afternoon and things seem to be almost back to normal. We had to take the tree down – getting a bit stinky! – but we’ll keep the lights and such up another weekend.

We’re all stocked up to stay in for the evening – no fancy New Year’s plans for us this year, but that’s fine with me. Frank just brought home a nice bottle of Champagne (the real stuff!) and I’ve got the makings of some easy kebabs in the fridge, plus plenty of cookies, carmelcorn, nuts and Christmas pudding besides. Hopefully Evelyn will go off to dreamland without any trouble and we grownups can snuggle down on the couch and watch a movie.

What a year… I’m sure you’re thinking the same! So much has happened in the world, and in my little family as well. I’ll leave you with MY highlights (and some low-lights) and wish you a very, very Happy New Year!

  • First year with our baby girl, Evelyn!
  • Three vacations – Denver/Bozeman, North Antrim Coast/UK, England
  • New job at Traders Coffee House from June – present
  • More devastating environmental (some natural, some not!) disasters around the world – Haiti, Pakistan, Iceland, China, Gulf of Mexico, Chile, Australia
  • A surprisingly successful veggie garden
  • Several culinary lessons learned, good and bad
  • Ireland struggles – bad debts, tough budget, unprecendented winter weather
  • New friends made, old friends reconnected
  • Good film developments for Frank
  • Lots of reflecting… about the future… about career and family… and writing!

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