A Jill of all trades…

Back when my life revolved around films!

I often find myself referencing past work lives these days, to customers, co-workers, friends… I’m not sure if I do it to remind myself more of where I’ve been or where I want to go! All I know is that I’ve led a varied employment life, and people often seem surprised when I drop a few lines about my past.

So, in case you were wondering… here’s my COMPLETE Curriculum Vitae, or the ol’ Resume, as we might say back in the States.

1. Age 5 – 10 : Entrepreneur – Lemonade Stand, Apple Stand, Dandelion Bouquet Stand.
2. Age 11 : Paper Girl for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle
3. Age 11 – 18 : Babysitter
4. Age 13 : House cleaner
5. Age 15 – 17 : Restaurant Hostess, Cafe Internationale
6. Age 17 : Men’s Department Manager and Head Cashier, Sylvester’s Bargain Emporium (yes, it was really called that, and it was famous in town for being the only shop around with escalators!)
7. Age 17 : Delivery staff and shop girl, High Country Donuts
8. Age 18 : Driver for a shady car auction, Anderson, Indiana
9. Age 19 : Restaurant Hostess, Grindstone Charley’s
10. Age 19 – 21 : Barista at Mocha Joe’s, Anderson University’s first coffee house!
11. Age 19 – 21: Camp Counselor for Montana TheatreWorks summer musical theatre camp
12. Age 16 – 20 : Volunteer and Assistant Lead Interpreter at the Museum of the Rockies “Tinsley House” Living History Farm.
13. Age 19 – 21 : Staff writer (a paid one, not just class credit!), Andersonian, AU’s college newspaper
14. Age 20 – present : Freelance writer for Signatures Magazine, Anderson Herald Tribune, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Relevant Magazine, Indianapolis Star, etc.
15. Age 21 – 24 : Film & Research Coordinator, Heartland Film Festival/ Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, Indianapolis, IN
16. Age 22 – 24 : Barista, Starbucks at Conseco Fieldhouse
17. Age 20-something : Staff writer (work experience), The Drogheda Leader
18. Age 20-something : Nanny, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin
19. Age 20-something : Waitress, kitchen staff, dishwasher, The Salthouse B&B, Drogheda, Co. Louth
20. Age 20-something : Shop assistant, The Wine Buff, Drogheda
21. Age 20-something : Advertising Salesperson, Drogheda
22. Age 20-something : Receptionist/Admin, Cornerstone Medical Practice, Drogheda
23. Present – Age 28 : Barista, Traders Coffee House, Drogheda
24. Present – Age 28 : Wife and Mama to Frank and Evelyn (my favourite job so far!)

Well, are you surprised? 🙂

Just imagine the stories I could tell…


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