No Matter What the Weather

The Irish like to talk about the weather. A lot. It’s the small talk of choice for most people you meet on the street, and it can get really old (especially when you work in a coffee shop and every customer says the same thing!!!).  But even the dull hum of meteorology turns to the clang of a starting bell when you’re watching Met Eireann Weather Forecasts.

Let me introduce you to one Jean Byrne, a particularly famous (or infamous??) “weather girl” here in Ireland, mainly for her ecclectic wardrobe choices. Her most recent head-turner was a black dress covered in large slashes that showed off the skin underdeath. That got the boys watching! Woohoo!

One thing is for sure – I never saw a weather forecaster like this on American TV.


2 thoughts on “No Matter What the Weather

  1. Oh my! I can imagine her male co-workers find her to be a fetching speciman and can’t wait to see what she will be wearing the next work day! I can’t imagine being so bold myself, but then I am rather a bore. 😉

    A wonderful day to you,

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