Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow

These are the colours I see at this very moment in time when I look out the window. Pink for the blossoming tree by the old jail, Blue for the cloudless sky, Green for the lush grass renewing its velvety thickness and Yellow for Sheila’s timeless daffodils nodding in the breeze.

It’s finally warm enough to shout, “Spring!”

Ready for the Paddy's Parade!

The last few days have been just lovely. We took Evelyn to the park yesterday for a round on the swings and the slide, then pushed her buggy down the ramparts by the Boyne River to watch the swans and seagulls. Today, she’s a little under the weather, but I still got her to scoot her little car up and down the footpath in front of our house. She is quite a good scooter!!! 🙂

It’s so much fun watching her discover things – even the really simple things you never think about, like grass or pebbles! She wants to pick up everything and examine it and share it. She’s also pretty good about obeying the word, “No!” from mommy or daddy when she goes to put a hunk of mud in her mouth! (although this  is usually enough to inspire her to sing “No, no, no, no, no…” for a long time afterward…)

It should be a nice summer for all of us, please God. Of course, Evelyn was around last year, but she didn’t get much play time in the garden.  This time, we wont’ be able to stop her. She may not be walking now, but I’ll bet she’ll be running in the next little while.

Our patriotic girl!

Thus reminds me of… ugh… the garden.

I really have a love-hate relationship with this particular back  yard. I feel like every year I say I won’t break my back over it, and every year I do, and it pays off, and it’s wonderful and clean and full of fresh food. And then, Spring arrives, and the place is in total disarray and I have no desire whatsoever to right the problem. This year is no exception, in fact, I am even more vehemently opposed to stepping foot in the place because of our appalling monster of a compost heap.  Seriously, this thing really got out of hand over the winter and would now easily win a wrestling match with the Fraggle Rock Trash Heap. Sigh.

So… what to do? I think I need some inspiration. Some *ahem* affordable inspiration. Are there any magic seeds I can just throw over the lawn, run away, and come back the next week to lovely wildflowers? Are there any super-powered vegetables that will shoot rubber darts at the cats every time they attempt to dig up my hard work? Are there any green laser pointers that will eradicate the borders and fences from the evil clutches of sticky vines, stinging nettles and creeping ivy?

No? Hm. That’s what I thought.

Nevertheless, I’m sure I’ll have to suck it up and at least clean up the grassy areas enough for Evey to explore in the next few weeks. That means Georgie has to be on her best behavior, too! And while I’m at it, maybe I’ll chuck a couple lettuce seeds back into the veggie bed, such as it is. And maybe a courgette. And a pumpkin. And a couple spuds… but I draw the line at carrots! No carrots!!!

Ideas? Dear Friends?


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