Catch my breath

I’m grabbing a few of my precious post-work pre-dinner moments to say hello!

It’s been incredibly busy at the coffee shop this last week, largely due to a very complimentary article that came out in The Irish Times Magazine just over a week ago. Add to that a child who only sleeps 3 or 4 hours a night and stopped taking naps, plus the wet and windy weather that comes into the house every time the dog runs through the door and you’ve got a recipe for one very tired Me!!!

My Wild Child

Needless to say, tonight we’re having battered fish, chips and mushy peas. Funny, I don’t think I ever bought frozen “chips” in American supermarkets… and I know I never even imagined eating mushy peas. Yet, here we are… and now it’s a comfort and convenience food I can’t imagine us doing without. Especially at the end of a long Monday like today.

Our Favourite

Poor Evey has another cold – probably not helped by the fact that we spent yesterday afternoon at the blustery seashore on Termonfeckin Beach. She’s sitting here in front of the TV, watching her favourite show (and my least favourite), Waybuloo.  She’s snuffling and drooling, her floppy socks askew and her hair standing on end like the feathered plume of a cockatiel… and she’s adorable.  🙂

Sorry, not the most exciting post from this little corner of the globe… but it’s a picture of our family, just for tonight.


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