Bright, Shiny and New

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me! And I’m feelin’ good. 
– Nina Simone 

Being the third of four kids, and the third daughter, I got lots of hand-me-down books, toys and clothes. I didn’t really mind – it was kind of cool seeing my sister wear something I liked and I knew I’d get in another year or two. I still don’t mind used stuff, and I share with strangers, friends and yes, even still my sisters.

But isn’t it cool sometimes to just have something fresh and new, right out of the package? The blunt gist of my message is this – I spoil Evelyn sometimes, because she’s the first and I get to enjoy all the new stuff with her! She’s been a handful lately and on this sunny day, I couldn’t resist buying her a bright, *new* paddling pool, blowing it up and filling it with water. I also put on her *new* swim suit and threw in her *new* green ball and sat back to watch her enjoyment with the *new* game of splashing to her heart’s content.


While on the subject of *new* things, there have also been a few new changes around here. Um, firstly, my hair. I’ve attacked the grey demons that plague my skull and have come out the other side looking… well, more like a 29 year-old should. Pictures soon.  🙂

Next, you might have noticed I’m not working at Traders anymore. It was a natural progression for me -after spending nearly a year helping them serve up the java and assemble the sandwiches, I really felt like it was time to come home again and be with my Evelyn! It’s been so great, being here to get her up in the morning, read stories and have snacks and sing songs… it’s totally worth it. Of course, Traders long ago made me an addict to their lovely Ariosa coffee, so you know I’ll be stopping in from time to time to get my fix. 🙂

There’s also other things on my mind… family and friends I’m helping out, mild drama here and there, a garden to tame, a house to reclaim, a dozen books sitting unread by my desk, and even (I hope) some writing I’d like to finally do. So! We’ll tighten our belts for a while and embrace the sun when it comes to Scarlet Crescent and it’ll all be grand.

I’m also – yay! – getting to go to my sister Caroline’s wedding in a few weeks. Frank and Evey won’t be able to come this time, stink!, but I’m really happy and excited I will get to be there with my family for a few days in lovely Montana.

So you see, there’s loads more to come and loads to be thankful for at present. Keep reading! I’ll be here.


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