Here lies one tired mommy…

Being a parent is a monumental task. Sometimes it is completely overwhelming and I actually feel like I can’t do it. Of course, everyone tells you this before you become a parent, but I did not really understand it until Evelyn came along.

Lately we’ve have some really awful days, I won’t lie to you. They’re usually filled with screaming and tantrums and hunger strikes… and then within 24 hours, the sun comes out on her little face again and we have a string of brilliant happy days. Oh, those happy days are like Leprechaun’s gold, I tell you… they lure you into joyous delirium and then fade way too quickly.

She’s teething.

Sigh. Four hours of interrupted sleep last night was not enough.

So! A blog is not my first priority, but I want you to know I’m still thinking of you and I have many things on the back burner to write about… when my world lightens up a bit.

And don’t worry, truly, we’ll pull through as millions of mothers and fathers before us have done… we love her too much to jump ship now! 🙂

And speaking of ships, this week she’s started singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and has to put down whatever is in her hands so she can row little imaginary baby oars. Except she can’t say her “r’s” so it’s more like “Wow, wow, wow…” It’s priceless.

Now if only she’d stop crying.


3 thoughts on “Here lies one tired mommy…

  1. Hi Maryann,
    Have you tried putting children’s liquid tylenol on the tip of your finger and then rubbing it on her gums? Worked pretty well for my children….Pat King

  2. Thanks Pat! I have not tried that – not sure if our version of Tylenol is as strong as the American one, but it’s worth a go! 🙂

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