Few Words.

Hi there, sorry I’ve been MIA for the last couple weeks – I’ve been back home in the States and now I’m back home in Ireland. The jet lag is only beginning to wear off… so rather than make you wade through a “real” post scratching your head, I’ll just leave you with a few words and photos to describe my trip, with the promise of more to come soon.

Koopman - Knowles Wedding, July 6

Hello – to new family, the Knowles’

Goodbye – to Grandma, who passed on the wedding day

Love letters – between my grandparents, found in an old envelope and tied with frayed pink ribbon

Black. White. And Black & Whites.

Cupcakes!  – the ones Bonnie and I made for the wedding, and the Cosmopolitan one I bought in NYC at Crumbs Bake Shop.

Wedding Cupcakes

Incredible Birds – even tiny Hummingbirds!

Smokey wood fires

Mosquito bites


Smells – so different than Ireland

Snow-capped mountains

Endless forests

Crystal-clear lakes

Holland Lake, Condon, MT

Recipes – shared between families to celebrate the union

STEAKS – medium-rare, and all the good things that accompany

Microbrews – ahhhh.

Naughty junk food – shame, shame!

Exercise – walking, cycling, canoeing

NYC indulgences
Air travel – way too much!!!
Customs – where I stupidly forgot at 5 am that I had left agave syrup, JIF peanut butter and Huckleberry Jam in my carry-on!!! Confiscated. Sad.
Extortion – if you were there, you know what I mean.
Contact – with the rest of the world? Nope.
Room with a view at Holland Lake Lodge


Memories – too many to count

Quiet – my grandma’s bedside, morning bike ride around Bozeman, waking up at Holland Lake

Noise – All good! (my niece and nephew, wedding fireworks, Times Square)

Loneliness – for Frank and Ev, and for my grandma

Joy – for my sister! and to be with my family

Glacier National Park

2 thoughts on “Few Words.

  1. Claire

    Beautiful cupcakes! Beautiful wedding! Love that you shared all the wonders of your most recent trip with us and love even more that you are back, safe and sound, with your wonderful Frank and Evey.

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