Once or twice a week, Evelyn goes to visit her Nana – Frank’s mother, June.  I think I can safely say that we ALL look forward to those special days. 🙂

Little Explorer

Evelyn loves her Nana so so much! When she gets up in the morning, she looks for her picture in the sitting room and an enormous smile covers her face as she shouts, “Na-na! Na-na!” If we go out during the day and pass June’s regular coffee shop, Evelyn points and shouts and searches the tables for a peek of her dear grandmother. And on the days when Evey actually gets to go off with her Nana, you can nearly taste the excitement in the house as we get her stuff ready and bring her to the door to welcome June. There’s never a moment’s hesitation, and before we’ve even handed the child over, she’s telling us goodbye! Can’t wait to go out with Nana. She knows it will be a fun day of playing and laughing and getting special treats like mini iced muffins and Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons!

Of course, Frank and I love that there’s such a special bond between Evey and June, but it’s also great to get some time to ourselves, too. Today I got the day ALL to myself, as Frank had business in Dublin.

I know I should have cleaned the kitchen and done the floors, but I actually caught up on some Maryann time. It’s one of those things people are always telling me to do, but I rarely make the time to do whatever I want! It seems so indulgent! And there’s always so much to do around the house.

Today was the exception to the rule, and I sat around on my laptop in my bathrobe until about 12, then popped out to the shops and had a good, long wander. I went to the library and sat on the floor for ages, flipping through local history books and photography collections. Our library is such a great resource that way. Then, I stopped into Traders for coffee and chatted with the lads, and even did a tiny bit of writing on my laptop – what a luxury! I bought a few things for dinner and then headed home. I made myself a veggie and hummus wrap for a late lunch and played with Georgie for a while. Then I went up to the bedroom and put on one of my favourite old movies, “The Major and the Minor,” while I folded the laundry.

Ongoing Sewing Project

With the laundry was done and Ginger Rogers quipping in the background, I pulled out an old sewing project – a quilted duvet cover for Evelyn. I think I started piecing this together before she was even born, and it’s still not even half way done. It’s just so hard to make time for crafts now that I’m a mommy… even if I have a few hours to myself, I rarely want to make the mess and put the energy in. This little quilt isn’t the only casualty – I recently crocheted half a rug, with the hopes of putting it by the front door, then ran out of scrap fabric and wasn’t crazy about anything I found in the charity shops in town. So instead of persevering, the rug is sitting unfinished on top of our blanket box. Evelyn likes to pull it down once in a while and sit on it in the middle of the floor. At least someone is enjoying it! Then there are things like sorting photos (and getting more printed!), making cards or working on a scrapbook, re-organizing my recipe collection, painting some tired-looking furniture around the house, re-potting some plants, etc. Add to that a handful of books I’ve started and really want to finish, but am struggling to re-commit to, again and again.

Incomplete Rug

Does this sound familiar to you? I’ll bet it does, at least for a lot of you. Life just gets in the way.

All that said, it was really nice to sew for a bit and watch my movie. I know if I really put my mind to it, I could finish the cover over the course of a week. I am hand-stitching it, so it will take a bit longer this way than if I modernized my process a bit. 🙂 But I enjoy it, when I actually make the time. So I guess I have the answer – that’s what it takes – making the time.

But look at me, blogging away, and it’s been a couple of hours since I wrote everything above this line. Frank and Evelyn are home now and I can hear him reading her a bedtime story as she drinks her bottle. We’re all tired. Will I get back to the sewing? Maybe not tonight.

But soon, I hope. If I make the time. It will definitely be worth it in the end, if I do.


2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. It will definitely be worth it! It sounds like an awesome day, can’t all days be like that? What you need to do is make your career out of the sewing, writing, and exploring that way it would feel self indulgent. Come to Chicago, we’ll do it together!

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