A Monday Moan

This is turning out to be the longest week ever – and it’s only Monday.

Making Gingerbread Men in advance for cast & crew of "Derelict"

Frank started filming his first feature film, “Derelict,” yesterday. First off, this is great for him, because he’s been working on this idea and trying to bring it to life for over a year. He’s gathered up a fantastic cast and crew of professionals, most of whom are working for free, and he’s raised over €5000 in private funds to pay for all the incidentals, like location, housing, food, equipment, gas, etc.

The last time he did a film, it was a short, “Slan Agus Beannacht,” which was filmed right in our neighbourhood. I tried to help as much as I could, reading the script, collecting costumes and props, keeping folks on task, taking pictures… I even cooked for everyone and we opened up our house to them during those long, rainy days of filming. It was during that shoot, actually, when I found out I was expecting Evelyn!

But this film is a much bigger project, and he needs even more support. Again, I volunteered to cook, manage snacks and food, work on costumes and props, and just try to help him keep his head. However, because the scale of the thing is so much larger, so too is the scale of complications this time around…

A: The film is mostly shooting at night, sometimes (like last night) into the wee early morning hours. This makes taking a dinner break a bit tricky, and it is even harder to plan when the food should be ready.

B: The filming is going on in Slane, a picturesque little village maybe 15 minutes up the road from us… but as you’ll recall, we don’t have a car. So, Frank is relying on people to give him lifts and I can’t really get out there at all to see the lay of the land or if there are still enough snacks, paper plates, bottles of water, etc. I also have to get Frank’s Production Assistants to drive in and collect the food from me. (This is especially hard for me because I’m kind of a control freak and it drives me nuts not to have a car and be able to set things up myself. Ah well. Life goes on.)

C: EVELYN. Now, I’m not trying to say my child is a problem, but she sort of is in this special case. Her schedule dictates what I can and cannot do, when I can go out to get groceries and HOW MUCH I can carry, and trying to COOK with her in the house is just ridiculous. Add to that she’s been very off-form, going into fits of screaming and clinging to me and basically being inconsolable. She just started this as of Saturday. 😦

Nevertheless, we soldier on. I don’t have an answer to these difficulties yet, but I’m still doing my best to help as much as possible. I just had no idea it would be this hard to put together a simple supper for 20 people, 6 days running. Even when I prep things during her naptimes or the night before, it still seems nearly impossible to just finish off a pot of pasta or soup! I was tearing my hair out last night, saying “No! No, no, no!” every few seconds, cleaning up spills, prying her off my back when I bent down to open the oven, running to keep everything on the counter and table just out of reach from sticky fingers…  then, when I finally sat down for 5 seconds, Evey comes toddling in, beaming and saying “Toast! Mmm, toast!” I could see from her hands and full mouth that she had somehow gotten hold of the Zucchini (Courgette) Chocolate Cake I had made earlier… I nearly cried. I wanted to laugh at the triumphant look on her face, but I was also holding back the tears! Luckily, the thing wasn’t ruined, and I just cut out a chunk where she had clawed a handful off!

By 10 p.m. I could hardly wait to get in bed, but then she woke up and cried until 2 a.m. Frank came in at 5:30 a.m. and had also gone through a stressful day full of setbacks and issues… luckily, we all collapsed together and slept until about 11 this morning.

And now, another day has begun! Frank is back on set and I’ve got pretty much everything prepped for a vegetable stew with bread and Rice Krispie Squares. I hope that’s enough? I kind of want to include a salad, but I’m not sure how the one last night went down… a lot of Irish folks are not crazy about eating salads, at least not outside of a sandwich! Maybe some nice cheese. We’ll see.

So… if I seem a bit crazed this week, haha, you’ll know why. I’m really excited for this film of Frank’s to come together, but we’ve definitely taken on a monster task, and it’ll take everything we’ve got to make it to Saturday! If you think of us this week, please say a prayer! 🙂

On the menu for the rest of the week, we’ve got Burritos with Salad, Tortilla Chips and Salsa, Bierocks (Runzas) with Soup (Carrot? Sweet Potato? Parsnip? Potato? Butternut Squash?), Chili con Carne with Cornbread, and something else I haven’t decided on yet. And more cookies and desserts. Whew. I’m tired.


3 thoughts on “A Monday Moan

  1. hi Mary ann,

    where do you live in drogheda, if the south side are you interested in starting a craft group, you have my email,i think

  2. Oh my, do I relate. Well, just to the Part C, that is. And not that I have ever attempted to make dinner for 20 people (oh dear what a disaster that would be). But just trying to make dinner for Eric and I, with a toddler clawing at my feet, very often throwing himself onto the floor in quite a dramatic fit, not understanding why he can’t “bite” (as he says) whatever it is I’m fixing, not understanding why he can’t be next to me when I put something into or take something out of a very hot oven – well, it’s enough to make any sane person go bonkers. I still have nightmares of the apple crumble I literally threw across my kitchen last fall, all in an attempt to keep him from getting burned. (Am I a bad mother for wondering if it would have been better to let him burn himself, learn his lesson, and save what would have been a scrumptious apple crumble?)

    But, it sounds like an amazingly memorable time for you and Frank. I truly wish you both all the best. I am sure one day you will look back upon it with great fondness and laughter. In the meantime, from one mama to another, hang in there, try to get some rest, and don’t go bonkers 😉

  3. Maryann, you’re the most supportive wife and the most ambitious cook I can even imagine — not to mention being a Great Mommy. Hang in there. Big hugs!

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