Thoughts for an October evening.

Ah, life.

We never seem to see what’s just around the bend, do we?

After a summer “off,” spent playing with my daughter and nursing an injured back, I’ve actually started working outside the home again. I noticed an ad in the paper a few weeks ago for a part time secretary, and threw my name into the mix just because… then, lo and behold, they rang me up, interviewed me last week, and I started officially on Monday! You’re looking at the newest junior member of staff in a busy little solicitor’s office in Drogheda. Who would have thought?

I really couldn’t be happier at how this all worked out… the hours are perfect for me, just 2 – 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. I still get to spend long, fun mornings with Evelyn, then leave her with Frank for her afternoon nap, and I’m home to cook dinner! The job has been easy enough to get into and yet I’m learning new things every day and finding manageable challenges as I go. The ladies I work with primarily are a lot of fun – lots of cursing goes on behind closed doors! – but are extremely professional and caring as well. I never pictured myself working in the law industry… or the medical sector, or wine-selling, dish-washing, face-painting, child-minding, etc. But I think I’ve matured enough to see that all experience, even if it’s not ideal, is valuable.

Incidentally, I’m also doing a bit more writing than before, and am even writing film reviews when I get a chance for Paste magazine.  Another step back toward doing what I love!

Our lives are changing, growing, spinning along, and yet staying very much the same as they have been over the last few years.  Evelyn is keeping us on our toes every second of every hour she’s awake now – amazing how high she can reach and the strength she has to climb and pull and break things we never would have imagined! It’s all go all the time for her. I feel like I’ve changed a lot since moving here as well, but into what, I’m not sure. Frank has grown in his knowledge and experience with films, and he’s sinking himself into his passion more and more with each new project. Georgie is still Georgie. 🙂

But here we are, autumn again. It’s getting colder, the colours are changing, we’re lighting our fires at night and starting to peek at the Christmas stuff coming out in the shops. Marks & Spencers just put up their displays today – oh joy! They are the ones I look forward to every year since I moved!

My heart still drifts back to Indianapolis though, as it does every October. So many important and special memories of mine are housed in an imaginary volume I pull off the shelf right about now. The Heartland Film Festival. A bit of glamour. A lot of stress! Making lifelong friends. Learning how to make it all work. Meeting Frank. Learning about myself. Reuniting with Frank and becoming his fiancée, and later, his wife. All in October.

And here I am, off on my little green island, feeling a bit like I’m lost in the mists of Brigadoon, but not entirely opposed to the idea. Sometimes we talk about going back, and I ache a little with longing for my America. But then, there has grown a conflicting ache of love for this place in which I live.  

So, who knows where life will bring us next? I keep trying to plan, and sometimes I get very down, or angry, or frustrated with my seeming lack of control in the situation. Then I remember, God has brought us this far, and we’ve hit valleys and plains and risen to the peaks of mountains… and where we are now is just where we’re meant to be.

I’m thankful.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for an October evening.

  1. This is beautiful. October has always meant special things to me too. And now it’s my wedding month. I couldn’t think of a more perfect month to set aside for reminiscing about beautiful things. Congrats on your new job 🙂

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