Festive Food

There’s a lot going on these days… I’m sure it’s the same for you… so I just wanted to take a moment to share some of the season’s most beautiful, delicious, photogenic food I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy.

Consider this a cyber-edible Christmas card. 🙂

Savoury Pie - The Christingle

These first few tasty bits we bought at the 7-UP Winter Wonderland Christmas Market in Dublin last Sunday. We went up for Evelyn’s birthday and came home with some really fantastic treats, including three meat and veg pies from the Pie Minister – the ones we tried included the Three Wise Men (with turkey,  smoked bacon and a pork and herb stuffing topped with cranberries), Deer Santa (with venison, Cotechino sausage, smoked bacon, puy lentils, winter vegetables, juniper, thyme and port), and Christingle (with honey roast parsnips, herbs, cheddar cheese and chestnuts in white port).

French Lollies - the most flavourful candy I've ever tasted.

I bought a single hard candy lollypop (smaller than the ones pictured) for Evelyn from a French candy maker’s stall at the Winter Wonderland, and as we each had a taste, we looked at each other in amazement at how incredibly delicious the simple confection was! This is what candy must have been like “back in the day!” It was so yummy that Evelyn held the stick with an iron fist and Frank went back to the stall to buy several more sweets.

My humble Christmas cake - powdered sugar covers a multitude of sins.

As you can see, I’ve been hard at work on during my off time, baking up some of our family favourites, as well as some new things like a Christmas Cake and a Stollen. Every family is different, but we Koopmans always made Russian Teacakes, Candy Cane Cookies, Sugar Cookies and Thumbprints. I also whipped up some Mint Brownies this year since my fudge attempts in the past have been so disastrous! Last of all, a batch of my mom’s crispy caramel corn to munch on during all those Christmas movies.

Traditional Koopman Cookies - Santa's Favourite!

It’s been a lot of fun this year, because I’ve finally had a little apprentice working away with me! Evey loves to “stir, stir” whatever batter or frosting I’m mixing up, although she does a lot more tasting than stirring. Still, I love having her “help” me and I can’t wait for all the birthdays and Christmases to come.

Caramel Corn


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