Rites of passage

Saturday: Cream crackers, jelly and 7-up.

I’ve always dreaded the day when I’d have to be the parent of a child with a tummy bug, but I’m happy to report I think we’ve survived the worst and are still smiling. Whew.

Poor little Evelyn has been getting sick – from both ends – since last night.  She is actually taking it quite well, aside from disliking the actual act of getting sick, and has been in great form all day. She’s chatting away at the moment, looking out the window in her bedroom and playing with her stuffed animals .

I know we have been really lucky in this regard, as Evelyn is over two years old and has never really been ill like this before.  But we’ve been doing fine, Frank included!  Lots of laundry, ugh.  But maybe I mind less because my primary concern is to make Evelyn feel better and let her know it’s OK that she’s not feeling well.  She definitely seems a bit embarrassed and grossed out herself.  “Reeeeally yucky!” she keeps saying. Nevertheless, this too is part of life, and we’ve now jumped a small hurdle in a lifetime of many more to come.

 In the meantime…

Sunday:  Frank’s Birthday.

Oops, didn’t really get to finish yesterday. I think I was going to say that in the meantime, Frank and I had to cancel our dinner plans so we could stay home with aforementioned sick child, which was actually OK because we were pretty beat.

Frank’s favourite dessert is Creme Brulee, so I decided to try to make a batch instead of birthday cake.  I was a little worried about it turning out (and I didn’t even get started on it until 7 pm), but I think in general it was a good first attempt. Funny, would you believe this is the first time I’ve ever used a real vanilla pod?  It was actually trickier than I figured – or maybe I just need to get better knives.  And I could only find 2 odd sized ramekins, so we had to make do with tea cups for the other servings.  I also do not own a blowtorch at the moment, so I had to grill the brulee part. Not perfect, actually a little burnt around the edges, but yum. Reminiscent of toasted marshmallows.

Happy Birthday, Frank!

Funny how much Frank loves this dessert. Don’t get me wrong, I do too, but I have a hard time swallowing the calories, believe it or not. For some reason I don’t bat an eye at devouring an enormous piece of chocolate cake or a tirimisu or even a butterscotch sundae, but I get a bit nervous when I see this small, simple dish of custard that packs such a punch of fat and calories. Ah well, the French know how to do it best, eh?Today is also our niece, Chloe’s birthday – she is 3.  Her little sister, Nicole, was just born a few days ago on February 29th!  Needless to say, the family have all been busy with the new baby.  I wanted to do a little something special for Chloe, but as money is tight these days (when is it NOT?), I had to get creative.  I hope the results are wearable – I’m not nearly the seamstress or crafter as my bf Claire. 🙂

Embellished T-shirts

Anyway, better get in the shower and put on another load of wash (I think we’re on number 6 since Friday night?) before we go to the grandparents’ house for dinner. So glad Evey is feeling better today!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend.  xxx


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